The old forums were better

I used to be on the old forums and I find that the new version isn’t as good because we can no longer vote for the best film for each actor. That is what I liked about the old forums. Does anyone else agree?

I remember an awesome lot about the old forums that I miss. There used to be these small Bond-themed avatars we had for a time, must have been hundreds of them. And the vast fanfic section that was brimming with activity. Zencat’s legendary DIE ANOTHER DAY thread. Zencat himself and quite a number of old day members.

The function in question from the old profile is something we wanted to recreate but proved tricky. We still have the issue that the old forums are currently not accessible, a problem that’s in the works but that I can currently not give an answer when it will be solved.

But we’ll keep your suggestion in the sights.

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One thing that I didn’t necessarily like about the old forum was the ranks assigned to each person. It seemed to be based on the number of posts one did versus the significance of the contribution or insight provided. But that was a minor complaint and had no baring on my enjoyment.


By everyone’s name , there used to be a “Joined date”.

Out of interest, how long has everyone been on here?

I first joined under a different but similar name in November 2002, as Die Another Day was released.
However, this time around I’ve been here since 2006.

How about everyone else?

July 2, 2002.

I used to follow, and when they called it quits switched to around 2005 or 2006, just before Casino Royale.

2004 - I was toying with the idea of buying a Saab 900 from a dentist who had just ordered herself a Porsche. I was searching for information on the model in general and the Gardner model in particular. And there was a fabulous and, I dare say, definite piece on Bond’s Saab 900 fresh from the presses by a true fan and expert, John Cox - known by his handle zencat on the forums.

A search engine dug the piece up for me from a site called which I had not known existed. A site with ‘people everywhere’, with fanfic and articles and discussions. And before I knew it I had signed up with CBn and forgotten about the Saab…

2 August 2001. Good grief.

On the initial point, I am sure we could do that polling thing but we just…haven’t to date. Will have a play and see if anything could be engineered there.


5 October 2002. On that day, the DAD trailer was released.

Been a lurker since late 2001, when I was looking for information about the new Bond movie. Thought that this new interweb thing might be a good tool to keep on track with that. First site I found was some Fandom website. The guy who ran it claimed that the movie would be called “Beyond the Ice” (he later was member on the old forums for years, not always to my pleasure).

Next site I found was Kimberly Last’s (wherever she may be) old website, which provided links to various other Bond fan sites. That one called had a picture from the shooting of the opening surf scene and I liked the design, so I decided to stay.

I thought that it might also help me to keep my English language skills a bit up to date. Never thought that two and a half years later, I’d be invited to join the team…


Think I remember that! I was a member on AJB for a while, until I found a home here :circus_tent:


I joined when Blue Eyes was the main chap. Might still have been called CBN, and this was in '99, I believe.


Wow, 21 years and counting, simon!

Yes. The word ‘achievement’ should probably not be applied.

And bearing in mind in my initial post I mentioned " ‘might’ still have been", and "I ‘believe’ ", one can see how the years have taken their toll…

Thank you for having me nonetheless.

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I can’t remember my specific join date or find it anywhere, but I think it would probably been in the production stages of CASINO ROYALE so late 2005, early 2006, having lurked around under various guises in the couple of years before that - jeez, 15 years flies by…

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I joined the old site on the day of Craig’s introduction as the new Bond. I was so excited to find a place where people that were as excited as me could gather and interact. I was giddy.


I’m afraid I don’t remember the exact date when I joined. I know I was at least following along on CBn since 2001, but I’m not sure if I signed up in 2002 or just before the Daniel Craig as James Bond announcement in 2005. A bit of a gap there, but there you go.

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I remember watching the announcement of Daniel as Bond in 2005, and then coming straight onto here to discuss it.