The Quick News Submission - all the news that’s not fit to go somewhere else

Not sure it is worth its own thread but I really had no idea where else to pop it.

Congrats to the man.


Thanks for pointing this out, @simon.

Henceforth this thread shall be known as the Quick News Submission thread.

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Thanks for that. An interesting little curiosity to have come from the BBC.

It neatly segues into what I attempted with the book, Cote d’Azur, by including both film and book locations, and indeed with a follow up due in the next few months. While it requires a bit more imagination to wonder at the appearance it, the location, held in the 1950s, I do find it fascinating.

Thank you.


Why do I mention this?

Rankin jumped at the chance to work on Pullman’s books being such a “massive fan”. “They’re really exceptional pieces of literature. I’ve read them all two or three times,” he said.

He cast his wife, Tuuli Shipster, an actor and model, as Mrs Coulter. “I’ve always felt that Mrs Coulter was incredibly beautiful and charming, but very sinister,” said Rankin. “I’ve always been quite scared of her as a character – it’s not that my wife’s like that at all. She’s acted and modelled, so I knew that she could give me that look.”

Tuuli Shipster some may remember as the cover model of 2008’s Devil May Care.



Were we aware Roger Michell was to have directed Quantum of Solace?

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I think there was some talk about it at the time - but all that quickly became obsolete in the shenanigans about the production. And from a certain point onwards nobody talked about Michell any more.

A big loss.


Ok. Must admit that one being entirely new to me.

A huge loss.

Very sad news. Fantastic director who almost definitely contributed to Craig getting the role of Bond with his magnificent thriller Enduring Love.

Roger Michell Directing Bond 22 | Movies | Empire This is Empire talking about it at the time. Michell did later say the reason he said no was the fact they HAD to start filming on a certain date, but the script was nowhere near ready. Broccoli brings up why that was in Being James Bond (writers strike and potentially an actors strike)

Wow, someone really sticks to his old rubbish stories (and milks them to gain publicity) :rofl:

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“…the mathematical genius, Le Chiffre…”

The last five years of internet debate digested and done up as Guardian article…


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And one more go from the Grauniad in their preliminary coverage.

May be a mild spoiler in it, beware…


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Today’s Lunchtime read in the Guardian is the Readers’ Questions to Craig piece:

The new Prime Minister of the Czech Republic is a self-professed Bond fan, and he is replacing Babiš, who is Bond Villain material! Fascinating times in Prague… :slight_smile:


A longish piece about the real-life background of THUNDERBALL’s jetpack and the various obstacles it’s facing in reality…


Back in Britain after 100 years: the painting that was damaged in DAD’s sword fight…

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