The Tabloid Trash Bin - aka Venting On A Rumour


I’d argue the Doctor’s image - apart from a peculiar taste in signature clothing - isn’t all that important for the show. The iconic image is the Tardis and it would have much more impact if the Tardis was recast in red or orange of as one of those modern dixie boxes…


Even the clothes thing isn’t a set thing, the modern era stuff is all not that far removed from reality (if leaning towards hipster)

The Doctor himself, or herself as it now is, has never had a single iconography. some of the actors have, with 4’s scarf or 11’s Bow tie, but the Doctor as a character does not. Being a white male from somewhere in Great Britain does not an iconography make, and I can say that from personal experience, I’m Definitely not iconic.


Careful, don’t give them any ideas.


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With a huge serving of salt, please.


There’s not enough salt in the ocean for what that’ll need, going by the source, appearance of Angelina Jolie rumour and a different (if admittedly likely) rumour dropped in as a fact.


I always thought Cumberbatch would make an interesting Bond himself.

But to see hin in another role in Bond 25 would also be great.


Can Michael Shannon be a Bond villain? I would much prefer that to the other rumours.


Shannon would be an excellent and believable Bond villain.


I think he’d be an interesting Bond. He reminds me of the comic strip version. Controversial, hey? :sunglasses:


He auditioned to voice Bond in Nightfire. Betting EA are regretting that refusal now…


My only problem with Shannon is that he has played that villain role so many times already, a problem I had with Waltz, too. What I would want is the new Michael Shannon…



So, for those keeping track, he is 100% being recast, and 100% leaving.

Hedging their bets so they can claim they knew when one of them happens?

Also…BB seems to have been demoted by The Sun…


However, the thought of BB actually wishing for DC to stay on after BOND 25 makes me sigh in desperation.

With DC BOND 26 being announced in 2023 with a start date in 2024 and a release date in 2025 - with directors not being available and therefore only starting in 2026…

Well, we will get DC´s AVTAK then after all.


Given they don’t know when Bond 26 would be, or even who would be fitting the bill, I doubt they are wasting time by making decisions on it when they havn’t started filming 25. They’ll be prepping themselves to put out any fires Bond 25 might run into at this point.



Then again, they will contemplate the future, just not tell the press.

But given the fact that EON could have ended the Craig era after SPECTRE and - after the long hiatus - start fresh (which probably would have made planning distribution easier as well), I could imagine there is some truth to the idea that BB wants DC to stay on after BOND 25.

And in that case (yes, a lot of ifs) they will hardly expect BOND 26 to come faster than BOND 25 after SPECTRE.


Lots of if’s & maybe’s, based on it being possible in theory, hence putting it in tabloid trash rather than news…

Essentially it’s;
Nolan has a film in 2020.

Bond 25 is in 2020.

Bond 26 could be released in 2023.

Nolan could be free to make a film for a 2023 release.

if Bond 25 is Craig’s finale

Nolan might have the opportunity to reboot (I hate that word) Bond

if that’s the direction EON want to go with

and if MGM have a funding partner quickly (4th times the charm to not be taken by surprise that you’re broke?)

Small thought for addition (i’m ill, I have the time muse about such things) the same logic can serve as “proof” that Rian Johnson, Chris McQuarrie, Matthew Vaughn, Edgar Wright or Tommy Wiseau are about to reboot Bond.


I´m at this point HOPING it will happen. Since Nolan does not fool around, he would guarantee that a BOND 26 would come. AND we would not have to wait asking will Daniel continue? Also, people could finally stop speculating when Nolan would do a Bond film.

So, yeah. Go for it, EON. It will relieve them of many headaches. Also of control. So that’s the conundrum here.


BB is slightly more open to that than her dad was, but would that go as far as to hire a man who gets directing, producer and writer duties with no 2nd unit, his brother as his co-writer and his wife as his lead producer? Oh, and gets his uncle to play roles for him. He took the method most HAVE to use to make their no-budget indie film and kept using it, regardless of how much funding he got. I can see EON hyperventilating at a Bond movie being made that way, even if the vast majority of their go-to people are employed by him.