The Ultimate James Bond Quote Game


The bartender in Nassau telling Bond what happened to the ‘Flying Saucer’ in NSNA.

So confident am I:

“I’m waiting.”


I’m thinking Casino Royale 1954?


Not this time.


Hmm…tough one! I’m think a villain says it? Blofeld in Never Say Never Again?


Time for a hint?
Said over a game of cards.


Was it part of the poker chatter at the Ocean Club in CR before Bond joins the game? I can kind of hear it in Dimitrios’s voice, maybe?


Not poker, not CR.


Mr. Simmons to Goldfinger during their gin game?


Another clue: It’s not LALD, but the game has something to do with Jane Seymour…


Killifer? Was he playing solitaire while cooling his heels at Krest’s?


At last!
Take it away, MajorB.


Whew! That was a good one, AMC! I hope I can live up to your high standards . . .



James Bond in ’ Dr. No ’ to Sylvia Trench? :slight_smile:


Not the Miss I had in mind.


Bond to Solitaire in LALD?


Not that Miss, and not that Bond.


George to Tracy?


These are all good guesses, but the Miss in this case is not a significant character.


You can’t mean Chew Mee - how can a naked girl in a swimming pool not be a significant character?


Ha ha ha ha!! Good point. But no.