The Ultimate James Bond Quote Game


Here’s a hint: IIRC, this Miss has only one line. But in it, she mentions the name of the film’s villain.


Tricky indeed. Based on the latest clue/hint, I’ll fire a shot.

Bond to the maid in the hallway of the Fontainebleau.

Bond: “Miss?” (snakes her attached keys)

Maid: “But… That’s Mr. Goldfinger’s suite.”

Bond: (unlocking door and stepping in) “Yes, I know… you’re very sweet.”


Bull’s-eye! (One wonders how many seconds it took for her to lose her job once it was learned how Bond got in the room.)

Nicely done, Bryce! Your turn!


Thank you Major. I have my moments. Okay then…

“I’m afraid that will be a little difficult.”


Brazilian girl to James Bond in ’ Moonraker ’


Nailed it Kit4na! Indeed, stated by Manuela before her “samba lesson”.

All yours.


Thanks :slight_smile:

’ I hate snakes ’

Who and which film?


Vijay in Octopussy.


Excellent. Your turn AMC_Hornet :slight_smile:


“Don’t worry, I get it.”


Bond to Moneypenny after his briefing with M in YOLT when she asks him to confirm the code with Japanese SIS.

Moneypenny: " ‘I Love You’ . Repeat it please, to make sure you got it."

Bond: “Don’t worry, I get it.”


Overwhelmed with supporting evidence, I have no choice but to declare you the winner of this round.
Take it away, Bryce.


Well, I’d like to thank the academy, all my fellow moderators, the fine fans and members of CBn and, of course, Ian Fleming.

Now then…

“I don’t think I’ll have to.”


Bond to Leiter in TB, about whether Bond will ask Largo about the bombs?


Well done Major! All over to you.



“Five, four, three, two, one.”


I think it’s one of the pilots during the Fort Knox invasion in Goldfinger? :slight_smile:


Nice guess, but not the countdown I was thinking of.


Marc-Ange Draco, out by about 10 seconds while Bond and Blofeld are still escaping Piz Gloria?


A little more recent than that.