The Ultimate James Bond Quote Game


It’s not Lynn-Holly Johnson. LHJ appears throughout the film.

It’s an EON-produced 1980’s Bond film. So no TSWLM or GE (which ARB did not produce).

MajorB made one other striking blunder in an otherwise outstanding precis.

One other contributor came oh-so-close…


How about Priscilla Barnes as Della Not-Yet-Leiter apologizing to the wedding guests for Felix being in absentia?


And btw, was that 70s show Three’s Company?


She actually does say “I’m terribly sorry” when bumping into some wedding guests, but it isn’t on the phone…


Totally forgot it was a phone conversation. (I think we got that clue back in 2009, didn’t we?) Hmmm.


Maybe the ticket counter girl in the airport in Licence to Kill? I’m reaching at this point…


WTF??? NO, NO, NO! Nobody said it was on the phone. The phone clue was for the “This is James Bond” from last November. That’s 78 posts ago!

Actually she says “I’m terribly sorry” (and not “I’m very sorry”) when she barges into people leaving the room. NOT when she nearly knocks over her own wedding cake.

You were so close…

YES! YES! YES! :smiley: (After four months and three days!)

Your turn, MajorB…


How about a “WTF??? NO, NO, NO!” of your own - the only words she says are “I’m very…” because she then looks up at the helicopter. The subtitles confirm it.

If you had given that as the line we might have guessed it months ago.


My April 11th post addresses this here

MajorB clearly reitered this point one day ago here.


And I remember reading all of that. My problem with it is those quoted posts all still assume a third word is said, just that it’s hard to hear, but to my ears, and by confirmation of the subtitles, there wasn’t a third word said at all. That caused me to think it wasn’t the right scene and move on…

Anyway, it’s not worth quibbling about. It’s all fun and games.

Congrats to MajorB!


I don’t think the subtitles are proof of anything - we all know what they can be like. I haven’t rewatched the scene, but I’m more than willing to credit Glidrose’s ears.

Anyway, now that I’m recovered from my exhausted faint, here’s one that I hope will be challenging but that can be answered within our natural life spans:

“But of course.”


… you also have to identify the speaker. In this case, JB over mint juleps.


Could also be R in The World Is Not Enough.


Or Bond to Goldfinger re: “Strict rules of golf?”


Or Bond to Q in Thunderball re: It’s waterproof, etc.


Or Bond to Professor Dent in DN re: “The girl talked.”


Or Fiona Volpe in TB “But of course! I forgot your ego, Mr Bond.”


Or the receptionist to Bond in NSNA re: “Do you serve men here?”


Or Bond to Tiger in YOLT: “Oh yes. But of course.”


Fiona to Bond, TB. Guess it’s back to you, Glid. Another long siege, I suppose?