The Ultimate James Bond Quote Game


Priscilla Barnes as the new Della Leiter, nearly knocking over her own wedding cake?
(Make the clues obvious enough and even I can get it eventually.)


You’re both wrong.

I guess the clues weren’t obvious enough.


I give up


Hah… I thought this game had died… glidrose you really have stumped us good… :stuck_out_tongue:


Lois Chiles was in Dallas, which premiered in the '70s, though she was in it in the '80s. But I don’t remember Goodhead saying anything like that.

Did the character have any other lines than the one we’re discussing?__


It’s not Lois Chiles. It’s not Moonraker, either.

The speaker has many more lines in the first 20 minutes.


It doesn’t fit all your clues but Barbara Bach is from NY and does say “I’m very sorry” in TSWLM…


Valerie Mathis?


No to both.


Is this clue literal? Or are you saying the actress resembled someone who starred in “That 70s show…but not,” etc., whatever that means? Also, when you say “The speaker has many more lines in the first 20 minutes,” do you mean the first 20 minutes of the movie itself, or of her appearance onscreen?


The clue is literal. The actress herself appeared in a 70’s show that wasn’t just from the 70s. “First 20 minutes” refers to the movie and her appearance onscreen.


Fatima Blush? Barbara Carrera is part American, and was also on Dallas.


Isn’t she Nicaraguan?


Though, she doesn’t have many lines in ther first 20 minutes. Or any if I remember correctly.


Yeah, but other than that, my guess was GREAT. :yum:


It’s not Barbara Carrera. It’s an EON production. Albert R. Broccoli produced. Harry Saltzman was long since gone.


Here’s what I think we know:

The quote is “I’m very [sorry],” with “sorry” being mumbled or hard to hear.

It’s spoken by an American actress who starred in a TV show that was on in the '70s but not just the '70s, and the actress (inferentially) was not on it in the '70s.

The speaker has a number of lines during the first 20 minutes of the film. Inferentially, she is either gone or sparsely present after the first 20 minutes.

The line is spoken during a group scene.

The film was produced solo by Cubby Broccoli, meaning it’s TSWLM, FYEO, OCT, AVTAK, TLD, LTK, or GE. (MR has been ruled out.)

The actress is not Barbara Bach or Tanya Roberts.

Have I missed anything?


He said that Harry Saltzman was “long gone” by this time, so I’d rule out TSWLM.

Also, didn’t Cubby turn over the reigns by the time GE started?


Good points on both. So FYEO, OCT, AVTAK, TLD, or LTK. Oh, and Priscilla Barnes was also ruled out, I forgot that one.


Could it be Lynn-Holly Johnson? She’s American, she was on an episode of CHiPS in the 80s, and I believe she has lines in the first 20 minutes.