Welcome to the new CBn forums!


THX for the invite! :wink:


Not very easy. Throught Gravatar…


AMC present and accounted for.

It’ll take a while to learn my way around; I may get lost a time or…oops, - sorry, ladies…


I’m ready for the new forum! Thanks for the invitation!


Looks like my invitation got lost in the spam folder. Thanks for the invite!


Thanks!!! Managed to get it done. You were right, not very easy.


Just to clarify-- there will not be a list of avatars to choose from (as there had been on the old site)?

We would need to manually import our old avatar?


Welcome Tiin007, glad you made it over here.

No, there will not be an avatar pool over here. Actually, we haven’t had one over at the old place for years, you loaded your avatar up from an external source. The only difference now is, we use Gravatar as our clearing for avatars.


Thanks, Dustin.

I now uploaded my desired avatar to my Gravatar account. How do I get it to appear as my avatar on this forum? (Pardon my technological ignorance.)


I see the avatar in my Gravatar account. Yet this forum is telling me that I do not have any avatar associated with that Gravatar account. What do I do?


You go to your profile, go to Preferences. Your Profile Picture is given as the big orange T. You click on edit, you click on Gravatar. Evidently, the forum system calls up the Gravatar account connected to the mail address you use here. So both accounts must run on the same mail address. See if that helps.


It’s still telling me I don’t have a Gravatar account with that email address, but I most certainly do. Could it be because I capitalized the first letter of my email address on this forum, but not on my gravatar email? Neither of them will even let me edit it to uncapitalize it.


Not sure but this can be easily checked: edit the Gravatar account to another mail address and verify this (so the account is actually changed to that other address). Then change it back to your address with us, but this time with the same spelling.


Just tried that, and it didn’t work. I guess I’ll have to go without an avatar. This is incredibly frustrating. Is there any way I can just upload a photo directly to this forum?

Otherwise, no avatar for me.


Erm…you have an avatar.


Note to all members: give Gravatar a few minutes to synchronise.


Wow. Amazing.

I just changed my email avatar manually (from my email account, not Gravatar). Let’s hope the two can remain separate-- I wouldn’t want Brosnan’s face appearing every time I send someone an email…


Hi everyone!

I was finally able to register and gain access… Wow this is indeed quite a change from the old forums. A whole new era for us CBNers, which I’m sure we’ll get used to. Change can be fun!


I think the weirdest part about these new forums is that it feels like we’re reuniting with old friends in a different setting. Kind of like when you run into a camp friend on the streets of New York, or an old classmate in a foreign country.

Glad to see everyone here.


After some difficulty I have successfully registered with the new forum. I assume we are starting fresh with our post counts back at zero?