Welcome to the new CBn forums!


Unfortunately, yes. I don’t like that either, or the fact my registration date is no longer July 2, 2002. But I guess the old forums will always exist as a read only archive. It is what it is. We all know who each other are.


Just landed here! Overall I’m liking the look of the new interface. It’s disappointing that our post count and date of joining disappears but it’s not the be all and end all. I did grunt slightly when I realised out avatar’s are linked to gravatar… not had a great history with gravatar!

But, here we go!!


Well thank you to the Admiral for the invite to the gleaming new CBn. It looks very neat. I was formerly Willman on the ‘old’ (still functioning at the time of writing) CBn. Thought it was time for a change of username though to something (hopefully) a bit more inspiring. Anyway, time to delve into the threads and start contributing. A fresh start will be good for everyone I hope.


Still getting use to the new forum but I love some of the features I’m stumbling on too as I post and play around. I really like how quotes work on this new forum system. Just highlight any portion of a post and it will automatically ask if you want to quote it.

That’s really nice.

I also like having the preview window next to my type box and I can see how my post will look in real time. Some nice features here.


Thanks for the invitation!


Could I ask one of the moderators: Will we as members of the old CBn still be able to search the boards after the Read-Only archive takes effect? Just curious about this. :grinning:

It would be great if we could still sign in and do that. Don’t know if it’d be feasible though?


Should definitely be possible. From what I can tell, we’ll only switch off posting and registration ability (not certain if anything else will be necessary), search function etc. will remain intact.

BTW, as we can’t have the same user profile options as in the old forum, it would be a good idea if people posted a link to their old profiles over there in the new profile over here. Also helpful if people don’t use the same user name as before.


Good idea, stromberg. I’ve just done this for myself.


The old board was last posted to on 10 August. Now is as good a time as any to pull the switch…


Thank you for this clarification, @stromberg. That’s how I hoped it would be. I’ve also put the link to my old username and profile, ‘Willman’ on my profile page here.


Looks nice. Just need to figure out a few things and update some details.


Is the older forum now reading-only?


No, it’s still running. We’ll let everyone know when it happens.


You can no longer post there, so it most likely will be winding up soon. The end of an era but we’re beginning a new dawn right here.


Posting is still possible over there (it’s just that barely anyone does it any more). We’re not going to pull the plug until this new one runs and looks perfect.


Oh, sorry. I see. I just thought I couldn’t reply to topics. It’s going well over here though. I understand we’re still in a process of transition.


Thanks for posting that lol. I was trying to figure that out for the longest time.


Any reason why likes are limited. When I try to like a comment I get this message:

You’ve reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 3 hours before trying again.

Why are limited likes even a thing?


Personally, I’d be more than happy to see the “Like” feature disappear. Granted, it’s much more benign than the downvote option that was once a part of the old forums, but given how poorly those features were used back a few years ago and how they were turned into essentially weapons against certain forum members, I’d prefer to never see any kind of like/dislike system implemented again. Just my opinion.

I would imagine, though, that the limit is there that people just can’t go through someone’s post history and upvote everything all at once, driving their number of likes into the stratosphere just because they like the person. In theory, it would make an upvote occur more often because of the quality of the post since there’s a limited number of them that you can give out in a certain period of time.


I’m also fine with eliminating it all together if it’s something that is being abused.