Welcome to the new CBn forums!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome back aboard Paco. I remember you under your previous title. Cheers.


Cheers Bryce!


Welcome back home ! :wink:


Just rejoined! Too bad all of the old forums could not be ported over…

Is it possible to separate the events section by country as it was on the old forum? I would love to be able to subscribe and follow all of the United States events.

I live in the Atlanta, Georgia area and I missed out on some 007 screenings last summer and getting to see the Lotus because I had no idea they were taking place. Grr!

If anyone has a suggestion on how to stay up on 007 screening events, I would love to hear it too. Email lists work best for me these days.

Glad to be back on and hopefully more users are able to join back in.


@Dustin seems to be to best person to ask, going by the amount of topic merges he has done for me.


Welcome @Osato, thank you for joining!

We didn’t include subsections to our Events category simply for reasons of better overall readability. There are not that many events happening currently to justify categories like US/Europe/Africa/Asia or countries even. If that should change in the future we’ll be thinking about revising this decision.

As for the events themselves, it might be a good idea to set yourself a news alert with your specific region or city. Especially smaller events do not always make it on a wider radar.




Took me a while, but I’m finally signed up. Formerly doubler83 on CBN. Sad to see the old forums go, but nice to have a new modern place to discuss all things Bond.


Welcome back!