Welcome to the new CBn forums!


Quick question! Is there a shortcut to get to the most recent post in a thread or do you just have to keep scrolling until you get there?


If you click on the little coloured circle showing the number of new posts in the thread it seems to take you directly to them.




Hope that helps! Not sure how you do it it there aren’t new posts though.


I figured it out! On the bottom right of the screen there’s the post number that you’re currently reading and the total number in the thread (it looks like 85/85 right now). If you press that you can quickly scroll to posts.


Oh, yes, you’re right. Forgot about that actually!


When you klick on the number that shows the last activity, you’ll also get directly to the last post.


Ah, thank you.


I like what you’ve done with the place


No turning back now.

As of today and nearly eight hours ago, the old forums are now read only.

Welcome to the “new digs”.


Hello everybody I was previously known as S K Y F A L L but spaces aren’t allowed so I’m just SKY now.


So yeah, this could be cool. Sad to se the old site go, but time moves on and all that.


Well I was here before too Still that Thevan7F again. I looking forward to Bond 25 & Daniel Craig is my Third Favourite 007.` SPECTRE007AMDB10![]


Great to see the new forum Admiral,

I used to be called RagalElMostaheel in the old forum but I decided to use a simpler username.


Happy days


Cheers and welcome aboard.:sunglasses:


I feel like I’m in a strange alternate reality.


New digs?
Quarterdeck does have a nice little ring to it.


Ahoy there ! It seems a wonderful place to be. The old HQ was superb but this one reminds me M’s office in QoS :wink: Nice work.


Just visited the old forums after not visiting for a year and was shocked that it was gone. Better late than never. Anyways, I was formerly SPECTRE ASSASSIN in the old forums and decided to start fresh and go for a simpler username in honor for the late, great Christopher Lee and his Francisco “Paco” Scaramanga character.