What are you listening to?


King Crimson - Absent Lovers: Live in Montreal

I find these live tracks to be the definitive versions of many of these 80s compositions.


DMA’s - For Now

Australian band whose influences are very obviously The Stone Roses and Oasis.


Back in Black (live) - AC/DC


Paul McCartney - Little Willow

He wrote it about Ringo Starr’s ex-wife Maureen who died in 1994

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The World Is Not Enough (expanded score) - David Arnold

Not gonna lie, this score may be the thing that made me a Bond fan.


That they left Snow Job off the original release was criminal. Beautiful track!


Enjoyed YOLT expanded through traffic tonight. Brilliant stuff. Made me miss Barry and wish for Arnold to work his magic for Bond 25.

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I’d also love for Arnold to return. His scores, especially for CR and QoS, are some of the best of the franchise. While I loved Newman’s Skyfall score, his Spectre score left a lot to be desired. Skyfall was a breath of fresh air, whereas the Spectre score was tired and derivative. Arnold being back for Bond 25 would be a huge boost in my opinion.

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Having seen them live on Friday night, I am listening to the Australian band, Thirsty Merc.

The specific song I am listening to is “Mousetrap Heart”


Currently listening to “The Movie” - Aerosmith (a lesser known instrumental from their Permanent Vacation album) :sunglasses:


I am listening to Seal - “Future Love Paradise” from 1991


I got to meet Seal backstage after a concert a few years ago through knowing his touring guitarist. He was such a great, generous man with the fans and as a performer. He pours everything out into a show.



Great photo

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Listening to “Only Myself To Blame” - Scott Walker (R.I.P. )


I am listening to the excellent, and quite Bondian “Romantic” by Hooverphonic, from 2018.


I’m currently listening to “Vauxhall Bridge” - Thomas Newman “SPECTRE”

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Right now I’ve got “Stairs and Rooftops” - Lorne Balfe “Mission Impossible: Fallout” playing on my iPhone. Man, I am SO impressed with his score that I’d be happy to champion him for the Bond 25 score, if David Arnold is NOT asked back.


Pink Floyd - One of These Days


I’ve been rewatching all of the Mission Impossible films in order (I hadn’t seen the first 3 in years). I’ve also been listening to all 3 soundtracks and it’s amazing how much the quality of the films have improved with Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation, and Fallout. I played the main theme from MI2 and wanted to vomit.

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Paul McCartney - Despite Repeated Warnings (2018)

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