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Wishing him the best possible treatment and outcome. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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This week I received the books “The many faces of Diamonds are Forever” and “A close look at A view to a Kill”. I’m curious and looking forward to reading them.


You won’t be disappointed. Particularly, with AVTAK.


I just finished The Union Trilogy plus Blast from the Past by Raymond Benson. A unique set of Bond stories, clearly written with screen adaptations in mind. All in all, I enjoyed them. A season of all three could work in the future. They were written truly nasty at times, with the text of sex and violence, even by today’s standards. Blast from the Past could make for a good epilogue for a Spectre story one day. When I read Roland Marquis, I could hear Richard White (the voice of Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast), mainly because of his showoff personality. Dear Barbara, Marquis is worse at getting under Bond’s skin than Safin did! I see why Benson brought some of Fleming’s characters back: they’re timeless. However, I can see why some people were upset with what he did with them! I will read Choice of Weapons soon, I need a minor break from Bond for now.

My ranking:

  1. High Time to Kill
  2. Never Dream of Dying
  3. Blast From the Past
  4. DoubleShot

The Union Trilogy was well done and the highlight of Raymond Benson’s run. They are all good, solid stories. It was nice seeing the Ian Fleming characters return, and you may be right about some people not liking what he did with them, but in regards to Marc-Ange Draco, I think it makes sense. And as for Blast From The Past, I wish that was a full-length novel as the return of Irma Bunt deserved more than the short story it got, though given the type of story it was, it’s understandable why it’s not the longer variety. Regardless, I’m thrilled we got a conclusion to that hanging open thread much as we later did with Col. Boris in Anthony Horowitz’s With A Mind To Kill.

And I’d rank them as:

  1. High Time To Kill
  2. Doubleshot
  3. Never Dream Of Dying
  4. Blast From The Past

I’m comfortable with what Benson did. If old characters are to be reused they can’t be frozen in time and without change. Missions are dangerous and things are bound to happen to people during them, both good and bad, just as they did during the original Fleming run.

My ranking too.