What Bond movie do you feel like watching?


Happy birthday mate!


Cheers DaveBond! Most kind of you! :sunglasses:


Watching The World Is Not Enough currently.


I am going to watch a Brosnan one but haven’t decided which, yet…


Tomorrow Never Dies to continue with my Brosnan streak, already completed Die Another Day and The World Is Not Enough.

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I’m in the mood to put on Goldeneye tonight. :cocktail:

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In the midst of You Only Live Twice.


I watched Casino Royale on Friday night, wow, it’s still a fantastic watch. One of the greatest spy films.


Casino Royale is damn near a perfect movie.

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The Miami Airport scenes drag on too long, but apart from that, CR is outstanding.


I sat down with my gf and made her watch Goldeneye, followed by Tomorrow Never Dies this weekend (she told me she hadn’t seen ANY of the Brozza Bond films!! I almost fainted in shock).

She said she preferred TND. One thing which was interesting- I’ve always liked Serra’s GE score- but on this viewing however, and when you compare it to Arnold’s TND score- it has dated really really badly! I was quite shocked at how much I found it jarring on this occasion.

TWINE tonight! See what she makes of that. Probably thinks the same as me- starts off fantastically before becoming very very dull, disappearing amongst an awful script and an anti-climactic finale.


I’ve never been a fan of the GE soundtrack. Serra’s score is a very unconventional one. Sometimes those work (TSWLM) and sometimes they don’t (FYEO). Though I do like the music that plays during the fight on the dish between bond and trevelyan.

Something I do find odd though about Goldeneye, is some of the absurd leaps of logic in the first act. Bond starts the PTS by bungee jumping off the top of a dam to enter the facility. He ends it by leaving said facility and riding a bike off a cliff into a deep gorge to catch a plane that is deep enough to pull out of a nearly vertical dive. So, how high up was that dam like 2 miles above sea level?

Then there is the sheer coincidence of Bond getting involved with Xenia when she is about to steal the Tyger helicopter. In GF, Bond is at the same hotel as Goldfinger by direct order of M. In GE, he’s being evaluated in the south of France for some reason? Then he just happens to also run into this femme fatale and watches her steal this helicopter. Then to top it all off, he is watching at the exact moment that Ourumov fires the Goldeneye at Severnaya. It’s all way to convenient. It’s almost as bad as Bond just happening to be at Shrublands next door to the NATO air base at the exact moment that SPECTRE is stealing the 2 atomic bombs and is able to discover Derval’s body. Coincidences can exist in fiction, but fiction is supposed to be a series of cause and effect. In these instances, GE’s first act and Shrublands in TB there are effects with no causes. It’s lazy writing and immersion breaking. The entirety of the first 40-ish minutes of GE are pretty much what keep it from being Brosnan’s best for me.


Time to watch SPECTRE…:sunglasses:

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Casino Royale. Just read the novel again and am looking forward to comparing it to the movie.

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I watched On Her Majesties Secret Service. A great film and special one for me as it was my first Bond film.


Having watched Casino Royale, the next one needs to be Quantum of Solace


I just did that. I’m currently on Skyfall in my Craig-athon.


I’m currently watching Licence to Kill on Netflix. Most of the Bond movies were on there until the 1st. Now…just a handful.


There are a decent selection coming to the Prince Charles cinema in London , so I’m trying to hold out for those.


No way! Would be awesome to see them on the big screen!