What Bond movie do you feel like watching?

(Thought I would re-start this thread here new forums, if that is ok with everyone else) :sunglasses:

Anyways, I’ll be continuing my marathon after a few days away with The Man With The Golden Gun_ tonight.


My dad was watching Licence To Kill on tv the other day and I’ve had a hankering to grab my Blu-Ray and watch it myself.

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It always depends on my mood but the one I always have time for is Dr No.

I too feel like watching The Man with the Golden Gun soon. Not seen it in a while.

I quite fancy watching From Russia With Love actually.

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If someone is interested…

I watched The World Is Not Enough last weekend, havent seen it for a couple of years. Last time I thought it was kind of silly, especially compaired to the Craig films, I guess it acutally is. This time though I thought it was quite good and I appreciated it for what it was, it has a lot of the humour and charm which Craigs films lack. I hope in future films they will find a way to bring back some of this with a good balance towards the grittier side of Bond.

My next one to see will probably be Tomorrow Never Dies. Also years since I watched it last time.

I just upgraded to a 4K TV and Blu ray…so I’m about to rediscover all the 007 films. Watching TMWTGG today…fabulous!

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For some reason I always forget how boss THE SPY WHO LOVED ME is. It’s kind of the ultimate realisation of “a James Bond film” as a concept. Big. Widescreen. Epic use of locations. Massive sets. Massive stunts. Trains. Sharks. Jaws. Naomi. The Lotus Threat of world destruction with a nice little side story between Bond and Anya about the nature of their profession. Moore in his absolute pomp. “What a helpful chap”. Etc

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Ohh now that I saw the topic, I feel like watching Casino Royal now.

I’ll be watching Moonraker tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel like Moonraker too

The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker are the best when it comes to big screen spectacle. I like them even more now than when I was a kid.

The last time I watched Skyfall, the neighbour on one side of me died the next day.

The neighbour on the other side of me has just complained about my improvisational drum solo.

I shall watch Skyfall tonight.

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Ha ha! You sound like Kingsley Amis there. I like it. :grin:

I love CR, but I think Skyfall is Craig’s masterpiece. I watched it recently and was reminded just how good it is.

Watching Bond films on Blu-ray is a great experience since video quality is exceptional. At least in most cases, especially Dr. No, From Russia With Love and Goldfinger. The Ultimate Edition of DVD was quite good but can’t even compare to the quality of Blu-ray.

Absolutely. If other Bond fans haven’t upgraded to Blu-ray I really encourage them to do so. It’s worth it.

The clarity and level of detail is amazing. The Blu-ray versions have a great depth of field and present almost a 3-D image.

The other night I was watching Moonraker and it looked like Roger Moore was walking into my living room!

I need to watch Licence to Kill again. I love that movie with a passion. Sadly, I only have the DVD of it since my friend is borrowing my 50th Anniversary Blu-ray set. :pensive: