What Bond movie do you feel like watching?

Still continuing my Bond-athon, slowly but surely. Watched “Octopussy” a few days ago and will be doing “A View To A Kill” tomorrow.

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I will be watching The Living Daylights ether today or tomorrow. After watching all the Bond filmsi n 2012 in honor of the 50th anniversary, I decided that each year I would watch the Bond films with a major anniversary (i.e., one ending in either 0 or 5). I have already watched Dr. No, You Only Live Twice, the Niven Casino Royale and The Spy Who Loved. I am yet to watch Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day, and Skyfall.

LTK, haven’t watched it in years, no clue why as it’s one of my favourites.

I pretty well haven’t watched any Bond film since SPECTRE. Granted, I’ve watched it a few times on Blu-ray and watched all the Craig films again around that time as well, but beyond that I haven’t watched a single Bond. I think I was a little fatigued after the eventful 2012 year for Bond that, barring SPECTRE’s release in 2015, I needed some space from the series for a while.

Now I’m itching to get going again! I’ve been feeling a bit of nostalgia for The World Is Not Enough lately so maybe I’ll give that a go this week.

I think Licence to Kill will be my next one. I watched For Your Eyes Only and The Spy Who Loved Me after Sir Roger’s passing on the big screen which was a fantastic experience.

Moonraker — it’s my three year-old daughters fav (I cover her eyes in the scary parts)!

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From Russia With Love. Fantastic film!

Last night I felt the inexplicable urge to re-watch SPECTRE.

My fourth time after two viewings at the cinema and one on blu ray.

My opinion of the film went from mediocre (first viewing) to not so bad (second viewing) to merely okay with serious flaws (third viewing)… and now - damn, I was entertained from start to end.

Knowing what I would get I was even appreciating the color scheme Mendes strictly adhered to (instead of keeping the natural colours of the surroundings).

I loved Craig in this, again, I chuckled at the great dialogue lines, I even enjoyed the car chase, I did not get bored during the long stretch after the train sequence, I even thought the finale was well done.

What happened? Are my standards so down now that watching SPECTRE is so much better than having no new Bond film until 2019? Or did I finally appreciate the film for what it is instead of being disappointed that it did not turn out how I wanted it to?

It still would rank as my fourth favourite Craig Bond. But it has risen in my all-time-Bond ranks considerably. And if BOND 25 picks up after SPECTRE putting it into perspective as one part of a five-part-story then all this might make sense after all. To me.


Third best Craig for me, but I’d say it’s, having seen it before, you could appreciate the film for what it is, rather than having that nagging voice in the back of your head of “that’s not how I’d do it”

There’s probably a thesis in there about how your brain changes the film you’re watching based on your own experiences in life - like, I know Casino Royale is my favourite Bond film because it prominently features two of my pass times (parkour and Texas hold ‘em) and an ensemble I have enjoyed in all their works, then SPECTRE my view was coloured by people INSISTING on telling me how they fielt about it before I had the chance to see it, though I possibly enjoyed it more because my expectations were lowered (even though I get the feeling people had “not as good as Skyfall” was the in people’s reviews before a single word of the film had been written)

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True. And since I loved SKYFALL so much I probably could not escape the notion that SPECTRE has to be better.

In a way, this also happened to me before during the Brosnan era. I loved GOLDENEYE and was severely disappointed by TOMORROW NEVER DIES when I saw it in the cinema for the first time. Only with subsequent viewings I began to totally enjoy TND for what it is.

Despite mentioning in my last post in this thread that I was in the mood for TWINE, I ended up watching OHMSS and Diamonds Are Forever instead. I recently watched that George Lazenby documentary which immediately put me in the mood for my all time favorite Bond film.

So to answer the question at hand - I still feel like watching TWINE. That’ll be next!

I watched The Living Daylights yesterday. :sunglasses:

Finished the Dalton films with Licence To Kill a couple of days ago… Now onto the Brosnan era.

It’s nice to see some re-evaluated love for SPECTRE on here.

I haven’t watched a Bond film for 6 months so it’s time to do a marathon again soon! Maybe in the new year.

It’s Goldeneye time this afternoon…

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Watched Tomorrow Never Dies on Saturday…

I’m a fan of that one, I think it’s underrated.

Already did it, but watching OHMSS has become kind of a Christmas tradition with me, just like it is with many of you I would guess. It just gets better and better every year. (The movie, that is, not necessarily the Christmas holiday.)

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The new year just began and fittingly put in Dr.No in the old Blu-ray player. Still holds up after all these years.

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Absolutely. Each 24th december and it gets indeed better every year. What a pity Laz didn’t got the job for 5 more films…

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