What Bond movie do you feel like watching?


Watched From Russia with Love for the first time in ages. I never really appreciated how packed this film was until this rewatch. Each scene seemingly has something new to offer. Excellent acting from Connery here as well. This is easily his most human performance. Great fun.


That’s very true. Most of these films are only about two hours long but contain so much and have a leisurely feel about them. FRWL is also really faithful to the book and that’s what I appreciate about it.


It was Goldeneye for me tonight. “That depends of your definition of safe sex…” :rofl: Sooo 007 style !


I loved the essay ! When I was around 11 our TV went on the blink , disastrous !!! That night Diamonds are Forever was on the telly , 1987 no chance of a blue ray then, so I knocked on my neighbours doors and asked if anyone was watching Bond… Three doors in and our newest neighbours, two student nurses decided they weren’t but would let me watch ( I explained broken TV) I neglected to mention this to my parents who were, in a parallel time frame , searching the area for their missing boy.
It was worth the grounding I got.
Which is why if I’m feeling nostalgic DAF is my go to choice


Watched Skyfall yesterday as my first Bond film of 2018…:sunglasses:


I watched Casino Royale the other night. Great entertainment.


Very in the mood for GoldenEye. For years it had been my personal favorite (arguably the one that made me a fan of the films), but despite slipping a bit in my rankings, it’s still the one I have the most nostalgia for.


I watched it again on a plane ride home yesterday. I agree that it’s still a great film. If anything, it seems to have gotten better with age.


The same. Perhaps the nostalgia of it is partially my love for the N64 game. The film has some very good moments, like the Judi Dench/Broz repartee scene. On the other hand if I am in need of a good nap the St. Petersburg/Tank chase scene is what the doctor ordered. I can never get into that scene, it is very cumbersome.


This month i’ve already watched Moonraker, For your Eyes only , Casino Royale and Diamonds are Forever.

FYEO used to be one of my least favorites but the more I watch it, the more I like it.


I watched SPECTRE the other night… I know I’m in the minority but I really don’t find it nearly as bad as so many unfortunately think it is. Sure it has flaws but I still rank it higher than other Bond actor’s weakest films.


I find myself enjoying SP basically every time I watch it. I too think it isn’t the atrocity many make it out to be.

That being said, what bothers me so much about it is that two or three minor changes could have significantly elevated the entire film. Contrast this with other Bond films, where one would essentially need to overhaul the entire movie / script to patch things up.

Simply put: some of the flaws in SP were so easily avoidable.


I’m a SPECTRE fan. It’s not the best of the Craig era, but it’s still a good movie. My favourite stretch of film is absolutely everything on the train to the moment Bond and Madeleine escape in the helicopter. It’s full of old school Bond moments. The London finale is lacklustre, but that doesn’t ruin the package for me.


Saw FRWL. I have grown more appreciative for the fine performances of Pedro Armendariz and Lotte Lenya. Also, Istanbul is now on my bucket list for places to visit, I would love to check the street markets seen briefly in the film.


I watched Moonraker the other night in honor of the late, Lewis Gilbert.


In the wake of Lewis Gilbert’s recent passing I watched his 3 Bond films in order (YOLT, TSWLM, MR) and feeling in a very Roger mood I tagged on TMWTGG last week.
Like many above, I also watch OHMSS every Christmas and also try and watch Bond films on their 5 year Anniversary of release, so last year I watched Dr No in October, YOLT & TSWLM in Summer and TND in December and of course Skyfall.
This year will be a quiet one; Only FRWL, LALD & Octopussy to watch;
With B25 lined up for next November, I will start watching all the movies again at the start of 2019.


For the past few years I also have been watching films with fifth year anniversaries. I have already watched From Russia with Love earlier this year and plan to watch Live and Let Die later this week.


I always try to watch the movies around the release date, so I’ll be watching LALD in the summer and FRWL in October


I watched them from oldest to newest, trying to spread the films across the year. Next year will be different however. I plan to finish all the anniversary films by the time the new one (hopefully) comes out. I will then watch OHMSS a second time that year in the last week of December to celebrate my 50th anniversary of having seen that film and also my 50th anniversary as a fan of the Bond films.


Dalton’s third 007 film or Brosnan’s fifth film :stuck_out_tongue: