What Bond movie do you feel like watching?


And one needs only to compare the PTS-stunt with the similar sequence in THE GRAY MAN to see how much better and more fun Bond does these things.

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Tenet did demonstrate it’s cheaper and more visually impressive to actually just do it rather than fake it.


I feel like watching the modern Moonraker, Spectre… Just as fantastical.


How would you compare the scene in the Gray Man to the QoS scene?

Since watching NTTD, I’ve felt like returning to Casino Royale and QoS, though this thread may persuade me to watch MR next.

I know you’re not asking me, but the scene in QoS is muddled and impossible to follow, like most of the action in the film. It would be more apt to compare The Gray Man’s freefall scene to the one in Black Widow.


You said it.

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It’s by far the worst part of the film for me. I can mostly overlook the muddledness of the other scenes, but the combination of the shaky camera with poor CGI really makes it awful.

Pardon my late reply.

Exactly this. The word “apotheosis” had even formed in my mind. I am not as adept as other community members at playing the What-If-X-Was-In-Y’s-Movie, but I can detect how Timothy Dalton could have made the Bond movies after MR. They would have had to been de-Rogered, but it could have worked.

Pierce Brosnan had the thankless task of playing Bond in films that both provided-more-of-the-same and simultaneously critiqued-more-of-the-same. His talent and cinematic charisma allowed him to straddle this aesthetic divide, but there was never going to be any way to resolve it. The only possible resolution was simply to stop.


In my last weekend of my summervacation I first watched For Your Eyes Only. That was the Bond movie, where it all started for me. The first Bond I ever saw. Somehow I had never seen a Bond movie. I didn’t even know what kind of movies they were. I always thought they were somewhat boring, very serious spy movies, only of interest to adult minds. More like The Spy Who Came In From The Cold.
How wrong can one be?
It’s still one of my personal favorites.
The other one I saw last weekend was The Man With The Golden Gun. Not one of the best in the series, but a nice, atmospheric film, anyway a film in which Lee is the main villain can’t really be bad.


This afternoon I watched “A View To A Kill”. Not my favorite Roger Moore Bond movie, but still fun to watch, especially the last half with the mining scene and with the zeppelin and bridge. I personally think the pace of the film is too slow, some action scenes also seem to be in it, because there should be one every fifteen minutes, without there really being any logic to it. I am thinking especially of the car chase with the fire truck.

These days, a slow moving film is exactly what I need.


I’ve decided to watch all 25 films in order, starting soon. I haven’t seen most of them for a good while, despite essentially knowing them beat for beat. I’m not putting a timeframe on this marathon. If anything I want to take my time, to let each film marinate in my mind.


That’s exactly the way to do it.

In 2015 I rewatched every Bond film almost day by day, and it really influenced my judgment.

I have not watched most of them since then, only TWINE, OHMSS and DAF. So maybe I will rewatch them completely out of chronological order, starting with those I have not watched already more than 10 times :wink:

Which would be:

  • Dr.No
  • Thunderball
  • Live and let die
  • Octopussy
  • A view to a kill
  • license to kill

I think GF, TB, TSWLM and MR represent the highest highs for the cinematic Bond. I’m tempted to add GE and CR, but I still don’t think they come close to those four.