What Bond movie do you feel like watching?


Really been wanting to dive back into LICENCE TO KILL here these past couple of days. Been too long since I’ve taken that one in.


Miserable rainy bank holiday Monday , has to be Moonraker


I’m in the mood to watch Goldeneye tonight.


“Take me around the world one more time.”

That line, and Q’s double entendre, make the decision to go into outer space worthwhile all on their own.


I am thinking of starting the whole series in order again,
I was going to wait til next year and run it up the release of B25 but I don’t think I can wait that long!


With some of the series’ best locales, Live and Let Die.


I’m a SPECTRE fan too.


Tuesday night it was Moonraker.

Last night it was The Living Daylights.


In the mindset to watch From Russia With Love tonight…


Watched Diamonds Are Forever the other day. I forgot what a chore it is to get through that one. In the middle of Goldeneye (as well as Goldeneye Reloaded).


I watched Diamonds Are Forever a few nights ago myself and then watched The Living Daylights last night.


Watched major chunks of Octopussy last night. Still a fun movie.


I love Octopussy. Except for maybe Tomorrow Never Dies, I think its the most underrated film in the franchise. Certainly, one of the easiest to watch.


I was planning on watching Skyfall today. However, after watching a fan-made trailer of Spectre, I was reminded of just how bad Sam Mendes’ films are. Instead I’ll be revisiting TND. Time to grab some popcorn and a soda.


Only Spectre is bad. Skyfall is damn near perfect.

Personally, I’m in the middle of OHMSS.


I am debating whether to watch QOS or DAD, as I haven’t watched either fully since their respective cinema releases


I was apprehensive about watching TWINE again, but now that I remember the film´s boat chase, I will be watching it tonight. I just hope that Elektra King and Christmas Jones aren’t as annoying as I remember them being.


I’m in the mood to watch Live and Let Die tonight…


I watched major chunks of that last night. So much fun!


In the middle of Quantum of Solace. Skyfall to follow.