What Bond movie do you feel like watching?


In the mood for a double feature night of Tomorrow Never Dies and Goldfinger.


I need to watch Licence to Kill again, haven’t seen it in years and it’s probably my least watched film.


Watched it last month, very good re - watch , I’d forgotten how spectacular the action sequences were.


Saw TMND for the first time in maybe 10years…
It was a pretty good Bond movie, better than when I last viewed it, however, what was jarring for me was how over the top Jonathan Pryce was! It was like Panto


Definitely one of my favorites and for a long time, an underappreciated classic. I think, especially, in the Craig era, Licence to Kill has become a far more beloved film in the way On Her Majesty’s Secret Service has become a classic over the years (also one of my favorites). That said, I’ve been in a Skyfall mood lately.


In honor of its 35th anniversary earlier this you, I am watching Octopussy.


Managed to get in a double feature of Goldeneye and The Spy Who Loved Me a couple of nights ago…:sunglasses:


Oooh good call… back to back vintage big and outrageous Bonds!


I’m feeling a strong FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE urge recently…


I felt it a couple of weeks ago , I urge you to accept the urge!
I’d forgotten how the" Russian clocks are always correct " made me chuckle


I’m not a big fan of Bond movies, but I think I watched almost everything. However, I can not remember in which Bond movie there was a lottery. Now I am writing an article about movies about lottery https://bovegas.com/blog/big-wins/movie-lottery-winnings/, on the similarity of this, and would like to supplement it with Bond film. But I’m not sure that such a Bond film exists.


I don’t think a lottery is featured in any of them, but in Quantum of Solace, Bond and Agent Fields check into a hotel with the cover story, “We are teachers on sabbatical, and we have just won the lottery.”


Thanks, man, you helped me a lot!


Watched Live and Let Die last night and a bit of Man with the Golden Gun. They were on back-to-back on EPIX Drive-In last night. Why is it sometimes more fun to unexpectedly stumble across Bond films on TV than to purpose to throw in a Blu-Ray disc?


Octopussy had an auction. I think that’s the closest. Otherwise, I believe David_M is right and I think the only mention of a lottery is in QoS, when Bond makes up their cover story on the spot.


Well, he doesn’t make up their cover story. The cover story Fields is given is that they are “teachers on sabbatical”. Bond simply adds the lottery bit because now they are staying in a fancy hotel.


Yea, that’s what I meant.


No problem. It’s a fun scene.


In a real mood for Goldeneye. Can’t think why…

On a, i’m sure, unrelated note, this is available now;

The unlocked weapon was the explosive pen.


With the Christmas season fast approaching, I’m quite in the mood to watch On Her Majesty’s Secret Service :sunglasses: