What Bond movie do you feel like watching?


Watched Licence to Kill last night. So good!


I’m going to watch that on the weekend with my sister, who I actually believe hasn’t ever seen the film. Curious to see what she’ll think. We both went to Piz Gloria a couple of years ago.


Good idea. I will be watching it on 8th December I think


Reading Fleming’s YOLT after the film works really well considering how very faithful the Lazenby adaption is to the book. And just imagine the dynamic between LazBond and Australian Dikko Henderson!


Very cool, sharpshooter… hope your sister likes the movie. :sunglasses:


My 23-year old daughter is coming into town for Christmas and has requested a repeat viewing of OHMSS with Dad. I raised her right!


In the mood for a double feature tonight…Dr. No and something else…:thinking: Perhaps a Craig film?


Go for Spectre - purely because of the moment where Bond gets a Dr No reference.


I was thinking of that or Quantum of Solace… :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s my first world problem: I always get the urge to watch OHMSS during the Christmas holidays, then I hesitate due to the downer ending (which contradicts my childish need for harmony during this time). So I wonder which Bond film to watch instead.

Right now I gravitate towards YOLT due to its bonkers fantasy world - then again, I hesitate, because the setting is so sunny and bright that it does not work with my neurotic idea of cuddling in front of the tv while the weather outside is rainy, grey or even dark. MOONRAKER would have the same problem.

FRWL has that dark feeling - but it maybe too dark, with all the Red Grant sadism. Gee, I’m really difficult here.

Maybe I´ll go for AVTAK. Sir Roger. Grey, rainy or dark locations. Comfort food. Haven’t seen it in some time. And Fukunaga loves it. Can the film clue me in to what BOND 25 could pick up from that?


Watched FRWL on Epix Drive-In last night. Made my wife watch the train fight with me (she indulges my Bond fanaticism, but doesn’t usually engage outside of the Craig era). She was surprised at how modern and brutal it was. At least she ‘got it.’


Just watched Goldeneye this morning. I haven’t seen it in years, and I was struck by how much it felt like the earlier Roger Moore films, more so than I remembered. I think the Daniel Craig films have so changed how I think of Bond that I had forgotten the Bond of my childhood, with the more lighthearted tone. To be honest, it was refreshing to go back to.


It’s funny you would mention that. I watched the last half of Goldeneye last night myself. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s something I find especially fun about watching the movies in the series on broadcast television (especially when they’re commercial-free as Epix Drive-in has been doing all week). Anyway, I hadn’t seen Goldeneye in close to a decade; I have been vocal in this forum on my dissatisfaction with Brosnan in the role and have never been a big fan of his films, though that is not all on the actor himself. That said, I found myself enjoying it on a near identical level as the Moore films and was genuinely entertained throughout. Everything just worked for me this time and I am hoping I can carry that enthusiasm into more of Brosnan’s tenure with fresh eyes moving forward.


I last did a Bond marathon in 2015, and so I have seen all the movies recently. I tend to do that once every 3 year years and so I rarely get the chance to see one after such a long gap as a whole decade.

I guess it makes sense that Goldeneye, being only 10 years after AVTAK, seems closer in tone to that film, than, say, QOS which was 13 years later.


She gave the movie 10/10, which pleased me. She liked how the film devoted itself to one location for a lengthy period of time, and also liked the action. She found the ending expected but still sad.


Excellent sharpshooter! :sunglasses:
Tonight I’m gonna put on A View To A Kill


Haven’t seen Skyfall in a bit… gonna give that a spin tonight.


Just seen Apple have upgraded Diamonds Are Forever into 4K in my movie library free of charge… guess that’s me sorted for the next 2 hours🤓


@MrHinx, is the video quality any better than Blu-ray version?


You’ll be able to see the glue drying on Mr Connerys wig !