What Bond movie do you feel like watching?


Damn, I envy you!! :wink:




Watched “A View to a Kill” last night for the first time in well over a decade. I still cringe at the obvious stunt doubles and the overt camp humor, but at the end of the day I enjoyed it WAY more than I expected. I was able to overlook the things I didn’t like and thoroughly enjoy the overall experience. Most impressive of all was Moore himself. Yes, he was a bit old for the role, but he was still so commanding as Bond.


AVTAK isn’t really that bad. It’s got an all-time villain, a killer soundtrack, and Grace Jones. However, it is easily the most by-the-numbers film in the franchise and Moore’s age and creepy plastic surgery really made him look just plain off. It also poorly rips off GF. Though, it’s a film that never feels too long and fits right in with the Moore tenure.


In the mood to curl up in bed and put on Goldfinger on my iPad…:sunglasses:


So now the following films have now all been upgraded to 4K on Apple movies…
… I guess that’s the second week of my holidays accounted for then!:blush::nerd_face:


Only have Skyfall on apple movies…WOW you can really see Craig’s pores in the opening shot with 4K

Complementary or mocking is players choice…


The oldies look incredible! Dr No and From Russia with Love done today: Goldfinger tomorrow!!!


I think my first Bonds of 2019 will be You Only Live Twice and The Living Daylights.:sunglasses:


Really need to watch Licence to Kill again. It’s been far too long.


In the mood for a double feature of Diamonds Are Forever and SPECTRE this evening. :sunglasses:


Oh yeah Moore looks so much better in Octopussy. Surgery was a mistake. Wonder if Craig has any work done or if he’s ‘aging gracefully’. I guess these days it’s harder to tell compared to the olden times.


See the paparazi photo of Craig wearing out with kid - he is a 50 year old with an infant and looks like it.


Thought so. Craig does look his age. I think it’s a good thing. If anyone should look their age, or even slightly older, it’s Bond.


I watched Thunderball and For Your Eyes Only over the course of the last week. Tonight, I’m in the mood to put on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


That’s what I watched last night. Or at least the first half. The second half is cued up for tonight.


I watched Quantum of Solace, which represents my first Bond movie in a while. I knew time would be kind to Craig’s second outing.


I tend to save On Her Majesty’s Secret Service for Christmas time. Last December I showed bits of the movie to my kids for the first time, including the end.


I will watch TMWTGG this weekend. I need a good film to clear away some detritus that has accumulated in my head/life.


My daughter just watched her first ever Bond movie this week. I know, she’s 10, it was about time! I picked TSWLM, as I thought it is the best introduction to Bond. She positively loved it and wants to watch more. She wants to see OP, so I guess this is the next one on the list…