What Could the Next Line Have Been?


Drax: “May I press you to a cucumber sandwich?”

Bond: " How kinky…but no thank you! "


(At the centrifuge)
“I don’t know what could have happened! Something must have gone wrong with the controls”
(Bond retrieves something from his seat)
“Wait, what’s that?”
“A cucumber sandwich…”


Le chifre: your friend Mathis is really my friend Mathis
Bond: oh awesome. You’re a friend of a friend? How do you guys know each other?
Le chifre: we go ball tapping together.
Bond: I assume you win. You’re very good at it.
Le chifre: oh thanks. They used to call me Ballsy Tapsalot.


Bond: " Moneypenny, I’m devastated. What would I ever do without you?"
MP: " As far as I can remember, James, you’ve never had me."
Bond: “Hope springs eternal.”
MP: “This sort of behaviour could qualify as sexual harassment.”
Bond: “Really? What’s the penalty for that?”
MP: “#metoo! #metoo!”


Bond: “Look, Felix, this isn’t the real White House and he isn’t the president. Why don’t we just go see him?”
Felix: “However questionable the results of the election, he still has a Secret Service entourage and the CIA doesn’t have jurisdiction.”


Bond: " Another? holding up empty martini glass to Anya"
Anya: " What? You made me pay for the first round, you cheeky bastard! "


Carver: “Soon I’ll have reached out to and influenced more people than anybody in the history of this planet, save God himself. And the best he ever managed was the Sermon on the Mount.”

Bond: “With an ego like that, you should be running for president - as a democrat, of course; everyone is saying that the republicans are not only very stable geniuses, but also tremendously humble.”