What do you think about the NTTD release date?

  • The release date should be moved.
  • NO TIME TO DIE should be released in April as planned.
  • They should offer it as an on-demand streaming choice instead.

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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A rock and a hard place.

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Though it’s the Mail, a possibility that should be considered if we’re discussing this…would be a hell of a positive spin of the whole situation. Main thing would be convincing exhibitors to give up screen space this last minute?


That would no doubt cheer up a lot of fans - only I am afraid it’s not too likely to happen. With regards to the situation it would perhaps not make much difference.

It has to be said, without political sideswipe, that the genie is out of the bottle for some time; and what is done now is largely done to prevent panic and contain the fallout. It’s a tricky balance and I wouldn’t want to be in the place of authorities now.

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Right idea, but just a bit late.

Can’t speak for other countries, but the U.K. numbers spiked this week and Bojo got all red faced and serious about it on tv. I’ll bet that in terms of events such as the cinema this week will be seen as when the decline began in the U.K.

Imo it’d wisest to delay until the tide turns. Perhaps that’s the summer, perhaps not.

People are not going to want to huddle among seventy or more people in darkness just now.

I hope it’s delayed as I want the film to be a huge hit.

If it did come out, say, next week - what would be the ramifications of this?

Dropping a film like this size without preparing people - can it even be done?

We’re used to be months of buzz to build momentum. How can Daniel Craig and others hope to go on the promotional trail if such travel is limited or even prohibited?

Those are the questions nobody can give a good answer for, simply because nobody has been there as yet. Our poll is showing a vast preference for things going ahead as planned. But that’s among Bond fans and a full four weeks ahead of ground zero - nobody can currently say how things will look then. We cannot even be sure how things will be at the end of the week.

The things is, the really tough measures - quarantines, curfews, locking down areas and towns - are only effective in containing a virus infection in the early days: right after the first signs, the first confirmed cases. Then you can track down contact persons, establish the chain of infection, find the ‘patient zero’. That train has passed through long ago with officials in Wuhan locking away the doctors who warned them.

All such measures can hope to achieve now is to slow down the spreading and protect those most threatened by the infection, the elderly and those with prior conditions. The spreading itself happens below the radar, mostly unnoticed and for most cases even without major complications - and this probably for some time already.


I don´t see any benefit from an earlier release either.

Sure, to make people aware the new Bond film is released this or next week could be done via social media. But the usual promotional trail would yield much better results to reach those people who have to be persuaded to watch the film.

In any event, April is too soon to get the expected and needed box office bonanza. When will it be the best time for that? Nobody knows at this point.

Really, this film did not have anything come easy…


Difficult one. If they release it early, it could just be a slim window in which people go see it. Bond films aren’t here today gone tomorrow affairs. I think they’ll postpone it if anything.

I still have a seat booked for 2 April. I’ve waited years for this film, but as an asthmatic who lives alone and has no family nearby, I really don’t fancy sitting in a packed auditorium and hearing people all around me cough. Which of course happens in dry environments like that at the best of times, but which - this time - will be very distracting and pull me out of the film. So right now I’m leaning towards putting self-preservation first.


Definitely. This is… no time to die (ta-daaa).


I‘ve said this before in another thread: people avoiding larger crowds or public gatherings are by no means acting overcautious - it’s the sensible thing to do, not just for one‘s own health but also for others. Everybody must make that decision for oneself.


It’s no great hardship to wait a few more months for this film if it saves lives (which is no exaggeration).

And really, who could enjoy any movie now if one isn’t sure about breathing in the stuff that will make one or others sick?

It´s really a drag that something like this has happened - and I was so much looking forward to the new Bond film to be the kind of treat which I need (due to a personal other crisis). But hell, such is life. And if everything clears up again in a few weeks or months, then one has to push through all that.



Well, if there’s one thing we’re all damn good at round here (or at least, well versed at), it’s waiting!


That’s what Bond is all about: teaching patience… :wink:


Indeed. Patience is one thing Bond fans have. My only issue on it being moved back is that I’d be out a little over 4K USD on my non-refundable pre paid hotel and airline tickets for the premiere. Sorry if that seems petty of me in the looming possibility of pandemic viral death, but a man has to have his priorities.


Good lord! Hopefully an Eon rep will read this and offer to put you up when it’s finally released. Such commitment shouldn’t go unnoticed imho.

That was when I booked in late December. Take a look at prices anywhere in Kensington or adjacent of the RAH for that week.

To be honest, though I’d expect them to be hugely expensive, the prices must surely be taking a dive.