When you feel like a James Bond moment?

I live near Maidstone in Kent, and quite often drive my jaguar around the S bend stretch of the A20 from the book version of moonraker,then along to charing Hill. May a bit childish, but that to me is my James bond moment.

Does anyone else do somthing like this?


I am vigorously unpleasant to Koreans and drink too much.


Some time ago I started toying with the idea of buying a bike again, after not having ridden one for over 25 years. I quickly realised that’s just not something you can do on an impulse; much less could you do it for a couple of quids. I ended up getting from a dealer a “retro” bike that was exclusively built to my order - not that I would have any expertise or experience in building bicycles.

One of their options was a set of pedals with a stylised “B”…

…and of course I ordered these, vaguely associating the B with Bond and Bentley - which I now briefly think (“Bentley!”, followed by hysterical barking laughter, inwardly) each time I get in the saddle.

They are astonishingly impractical if there’s only the slightest hint of moisture in the air, like soap in a bathtub, and I curse them frequently when I take a roundabout in third and get amber while Drax is already past the next traffic light…


I suppose, everytime I wear a suit is a Bond moment for me…

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Oh and purchasing this…

Chemex Bond heaven every morning.


“Is that all it does?”


There’s something about being in the car for me, as well.

Perhaps, it’s the acceleration of the engine when images of Bond motoring away from some SPECTRE agents flash in my mind.

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I have just taken my jaguar for a spin around the S bend, funny thing was, on the way there, I passed a car with 0007 as part of number plate!

The start of mine is J800, which I say stands for J B double 0

Every time I strap on my Omega Seamaster (which isn’t often these days since I haven’t been in shirt and tie since March 17th :mask:). Also, when I get behind the wheel of my wife’s 2020 MK V Supra (it’s her mid-life crisis car :grin:). That thing hauls the mail and has enough tech to make Q very happy).


I had a very strange 007 day yesterday!

I went to my local screwfix store to collect an order and the man on the door asked for the last 4 numbers of the reference number in my order, on my way out I heard him ask the same question to another customer and he said “four, double O seven”

Later on i took one of my James bond ties to the dry cleaners and as i came our, the audi parked next to my jag had the number plate W007!


Just put a couple of quid on a horse in the 15 00 at Epsom, called MR SCARAMANGA. A horse race earlier in the week had a horse called MOONRAKER

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They both lost

The odds ALWAYS beat gut feeling, dispite what many gamblers think.


To Pegasus?

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There is a horse running today at Newmarket called CHRISTOPHER WOOD

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It lost

I hope you didn’t put any money on it, every punter knows CHRISTOPHER WOOD is a three-legged wonderhorse…

I did not though! Still 50p each way did not bankrupt me

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Looks like giving a racehorse a Bond-related name is a Jinx.

(Did I really say that?)


No, but yo mamma did and she told me to tell you she’s really disappointed in you.

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