Who do you want for Bond 7?

I’m talking specifically about the need to see an actor in a tux being a redundant requirement post-Craig.

This is very true, but I think it’s always been redundant as requirement outside tabloid cycles - look at both Connery and Lazenby, one got considered because of Darby o’gill and the little people and the other had never done a film, period, let alone one in a tux.

Good point :slight_smile:

As I said here Bond's New Flavour - what to expect in BOND 25 and after (Again thanks to Dustin for send me at the right place to discuss :wink: ) , I think Lazenby was a model not an actor but a good (excellent ?) James Bond. A model could be a tremandous 007, David James Gandy. Of course, about his acting we can’t tell anything, but I found something about Dalton in his eyes and the charisma of Clive Owen/Pierce Brosnan.


Hi looks are indeed intriguing, somebody who could just as well be villain or hero…

I think I would like to see a completely different physicality in the role so someone like Ben Barnes.

If I was casting now I’d be knocking on Idris Elba’s door. If he wasn’t interested I’d look at Micharl Fassbender. But I think for the next one (in 2021 at the very earliest, more likely 2022 or 2023), they’ll both be considered too old. Tom Hiddlestone… I like him but no. Henry Cavell… sorry, I think he’s had a charisma bypass. He’s terrible as Superman and his Napoleon Solo was just horribly smug. AIden Turner has something about him but he’s yet to show the presence I’d like for a Bond. I’m not sure he could hold the big screen alone. I know Chris Hemsworth has expressed interest but I don’t see that. It’s a tough one. It may be that they’ll go for somneone who’s not a big movie name. 007 James Bond is the selling point anyway… Santiago Cabrera might be interesting. aaron Taylor-Johnson has the dangerous look in his eyes that would be good for Bond. Luke Pasqualino would be my other half’s choice. I’m not sure but my other half is smarter than me. It’s going to be a tough decision for them. I don’t think therte’s an obvious candidate.

I’m stunned that anyone would discuss Idris Elba at this point, by the time of the nezt film he’s already going to be knocking on 50 (if not 50 already)
From Criags 1st to 5th pictures was 13 years;
if we want our next Bond to do at least 5 movies that means Elba will be well into his 60s by the time of his 5th movie;
do we really want a 60 year old Bond?
I’d love to see Fassbender but I already think he’s too old at this point and he’s 5 years younger than Elba

One actor who I really like as a possible Bond is Scottish actor Iain De Caestecker. He plays Leopold Fitz on Marvel’s Agents of Shield and if anybody else here has watched all five seasons they know he’s a marvelous actor with a lot of range.

I mentioned the idea on Twitter and Phil Coulson himself approved.

He’s 30 right now so my biggest concern is that he may be a bit too young and boyish looking.

Can’t say anything about the guy, haven’t seen anything with him. But your concern about his looks: prior to CR only very few people would have pointed to Craig as a possible Bond.

De Caestecker definitely looks boyish in that shot above. But that’s not a hurdle a talented actor couldn’t take these days. All the more so if we’re possibly looking at 2022. It seems fairly sure the next Bond would be chosen with a longer run in mind. Eon is possibly looking at a range of guys who still look quite young today.


Yeah, I’d be surprised if any current serious candidate is over 37/38 right now;
If Hiddleston is still a candidate, he’s probably the oldest guy being seriously considered

He’s an American but…

Aaron Tveit will be 39 in 2022. Perfect age. And if you’re worried about the British accent, he did just fine in Les Miserables.

I think he has that “cruel looking mouth” Fleming describes.


Idris Elba has said repeatedly he was never interested in Bond. If I were a talent scout I’d be looking for someone Connery’esque.

Bond, as well as a role, is also a category of roles; the shorthand for ‘sardonic hero with sex appeal, physicality and sensational action’ if you will. As such it’s a genius move by an agent or a producer to connect certain actors to 007 even if they would not be interested. They immediately gain a higher profile, appear on the radar for a whole different class of productions. And their market value likewise improves.

So whether Elba or Hiddleston or Fassbender, none of them has been damaged by being publicly pushed for the Bond role. The articles listing so-called candidates, popping up with regularity whenever Bond news are slow, are by now a staple of the industry. But, as far as solid evidence is concerned, they seem to rarely feature names who were/are seriously considered.

If Craig’s case is anything to go by, then Eon’s sights are probably on somebody not too well known. Somebody whose name hasn’t been through the Bond-tabloid mincer 15 times already. Somebody maybe better known to theatre audiences or for supporting roles with a certain nuance and depth.

Inevitably, the odd fan with a sharp eye may have already picked up the scent, may even have mentioned him around the usual watering holes of Bond fandom. But it’s just as likely we’ll all be totally perplexed when the time comes.


Personally I believe Bab’s eye for Craig had nothing to do with his known/unknown star status. She likely thought he was simply right for the part.

Had he already been a box office icon in the early naughties I think she’d have wanted him for the part just as vehemently .

IMO the same will be true for 7. He may be a known, or an unknown, it will not figure half as much as Bab’s personal taste.

And since she chose Craig, I’m ok with that.

I think it’s time for an unknown again. Moore, Dalton, Brosnan and Craig have all been known before their 007 time. With DC setting the bar high, I feel the time is right for an unknown.

I really don’t care. I don’t know enough actors anyway so. I just hope the films are good and more regular.

As I believe I said, if I was casting now I’d be looking at Idris Elba. He’s 45 and he keeps himself pretty close to in-ring condition. He could do three movies for sure. I don’t have a problem with having a Bond in his late 40s any more than I have a problem with a Bond of 30. You just tell different stories relevant to that iteration of Bond. But it’s a moot point anyway. Craig is doing next film so we won’t be casting now. I am, however, saddened that Idris Elba joins the list of potentially great Bonds we’ll never see.

I’d love to see Elba as a Bond villain. If you’ve seen “Luther,” the man can be intense.


Sorry if I’m getting ahead of myself however;

I couldn’t find any Bond and beyond or Bond 7 threads, perhaps I missed them but I think we can assume Bond 26 will be released 2022 on the 60th Anniversary.

Any thoughts;

Do you think they could do it in the 3 year time period?


is it an anniversary they can afford to miss?