Who do you want for Bond 7?


Indeed! Instead of trying to fit one of those templates they’ll ideally cast someone who brings their own personality, grit, humour and swagger. Of all the names so far it’s only Stevens and Nortan who’ve shown any destination in this respect.

But with Stevens impressively diverse cv; the English gent in Downton Abbey, seductive and lethal psycho in The Guest, comedy in Night at the Museum and Legion which has had him stretching his chops in multiple directions at once (sure it’s often arch, but that’s the nature of the show).

In the search for someone who could offer something as dark and capable as Craig, yet somehow different Stevens is the obvious choice imho.


But to be fair it doesn’t take much to get into the tabloid running to be Bond; aged between about 20 and 50, looks good in a suit/ tux and British (desired but not essential).


As I see it getting harder and harder to find the right actor to be the next James Bond. Is there anyone that can really fit the role in their late 30s to early 40s.

What do you all think of either Chris Hemsworth or Tom Hiddleston, once Craig is done doing the role.


Hemsworth is too Thor for me, no Bond material.

Hiddleston… maybe.

I would prefer Cavill.


I’m struggling to favour any of the names mentioned in this thread as Bond #7. Hopefully they’ll go with a relative unknown (and exercise good judgment).


I think Hemsworth would turn out to be a pretty great Bond. I know Thor is very high profile and even if it didn’t disqualify him (like Cavil as Supes) it could be probablamatic with the marvel fanboys.

But after seeing him in Rush and 12 Strong I think he’s actually a very decent actor that can overcome the model looks and stature with his dedicated, gritty and intelligent performances.

I can appreciate the shock if Thor was cast as Bond, but I think he’d surprise everyone with a bond that can be lighthearted, yet darker when nessisary.


Another ten years, Hemsworth might be an option. Bond #8? Perhaps. Once the Thor and Marvel thing finishes it’s run.


He’s finished now. Avengers 3/4 are the end of his initial contract. He could of course renew though…


Just did some research on it after I posted. Still, he’s just a bit young IMO, we need some space between him wrapping Thor and maybe being 007. Another five if that’s the potential aim.


I would love for Bond to be cool again – as a character, not just a franchise. Whether that’s still possible I don’t know. But it might entail giving Bond a slightly more sly and youthful vibe. Veering away from tradition, I realize.


Well, this should keep Henry Cavill busy for the short term and perhaps raise his profile a bit more at the same time:


I said it on the original forum back in 2016 and I’ll say it again, Richard Madden.


In my humble opinion, when he starred alongside Idris Elba in “The Take” he paled in comparison and I don’t think he has the charisma to do it …


But that’s just me, I obviously adore Idris Elba


So you did, I think I recall! Nice to have you back, or have I just been hanging out in the wrong forums :roll_eyes:

His acting has been decent in Bodyguard, proving his chops are better than his fleeting role in GoT suggested.

However, he’s not right for bond in my very humble opinion, for, I confess, the flimsiest of reasons. He’s simply too baby faced. Perhaps he’ll grow out of that, but right now he looks more like a model showing off the latest Bond wardrobe than the character himself.

But, I went on about this at length above, so best I don’t overstay my welcome… What’s that? I already did that a long time ago :astonished:


Hey Odd Jobbins I’ve been MIA for a while, but it’s good to be back. I’ve been impressed with him in Bodyguard so far but do agree he could do with aging a bit. He might even be the perfect age for Eon when they manage to finally roll out Craig’s last one!


Don’t be so harsh on yourself :rofl:


In his 60s :wink:


Ha, another 10 years of CraigBond - with maybe one or two more films…

Right now, it doesn’t sound too unrealistic.


Part of me does wonder if that is something they’d consider, the Craig era being acknowledging of his age, would they want to explore Bond trying to cope with retirement? Probably not, but it’s fun to wonder what it would be like.