Who do you want for Bond 7?


Could it also be that EON is now relying that much on Craig (giving him the co-producer credit on BOND 25 as well and probably further films) that they have decided: let’s rather do (a lot) less films but keep DC on, even if he is in his 50´s?

And could they even gamble on MGM going bankrupt, having to sell Bond eventually? Would EON rather not produce any more films unless that situation has arisen? And is Craig their chip on the table which he himself is happy to be?


I can see the uncertainty of where the money is coming from, and who they’ll be working with, for (almost) 20 years now would probably make that tempting as a tactic. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bond films went on pause should The Rhythm Section be success, just to stop MGM using Bond as a crutch.


I’m telling you Craig is morphing into Sir Roger


I’m sure he would have raised an eyebrow…


I’m fine with this. In fact I’d have liked Moore’s latter movies a whole lot more if they’d not tried to pretend he was the same age throughout.

I could see Craig in an adaptation of Pearson’s pseudo-biography for Bond 26 with a younger actor playing him in flashback. Then if that actor is popular in the role he could take over in B27. If not then they’re not tied to him in the part.

Seems like the Die Hard franchise is doing that with the next movie, Maclane (which I’m expecting to be rubbish since Len Wiseman is directing - he must have juicy photos of someone high up in the studio!)


Did they? I never got that feeling. I always saw MooreBond as a mature, aging man. And actually, I like the idea of Bond being a seasoned veteran. At best in his 40´s.


That idea I would hate. Takes me completely out of a picture (exception: The Godfather II, although even there I don’t believe for a second that DeNiro is the young Brando.).


You could’ve had a younger actor in those last 2 movies without having to alter script. He was aging and would’ve surely struggled with some of that action and luring nymphs like Roberts into the sack. Reference to age in these situations is very conspicuous in its absence.

When they got Patrick Macnee in you got the feeling it was to make Roger look younger by comparison, but instead it comes off more like Cacoon.

Look, I love roger - what a gent and great bond. But surely the last 2 outings are more than a little hampered by his age! If the script addressed age, I’m sure Moore would’ve been grateful and turned in a more detailed, truer performance.


I’ll give you AVTAK - his age was more apparent there.

Octopussy though I think works well. He had good chemistry with Maud Adams and their relationship seemed like a genuine possibilty in terms of him retiring and literally sailing off into the sunset. It would’ve been a good swan song - even though I like AVTAK more than I used to. Lots of stuff still to enjoy.


I’m still of the mind that EON might consider a “one-off” Bond directed by Nolan, starring Tom Hardy that takes place in the 60’s - while choosing their replacement for Craig.


I’d be delighted with that. Would it really be damaging be it a success or a failure?


Id be curious to see if theyd go for a guest Bond approach - a director comes in for 1 film and builds the film they want from the ground up then another director and lead come in for the next - the one constant is it being they’re all inspired by the books of Ian Fleming.


Not a Hardy fan - what else is new.

But while I would find another 60´s Bond film interesting I do believe that it would hurt the franchise, sending the signal: yes, Bond is a thing of the past.

So, a clear no from me. And if Nolan really gets the gig at some time I hope it will nevertheless be funny, tell a story without time jumps and deus ex machine, feature actors who are not from his repertoire company and employ another composer instead of Hans Zimmer.


I like the idea - I even suggested it here recently using the totally inappropriate comparison of BBC satirical panel show Have I Got News For You. Many years ago it’s regular host had a tabloid expo drugs’n prostitutes job done on him.

Speculation buzzed about who could replace him. In what I think was a temporary measure to stay in air they got in a different guest hosts each week. It proved so popular that they’re still doing it now without a permanent host.

Obviously bond and HIGNFY couldn’t be more different, but the lesson in blue sky thinking and turning a set back into an opportunity is one that everyone, including B.B., could take some inspiration from.


Definitely. It would say: “Bond has nothing to say to today’s audiences, so we chose to give you a nostalgia trip instead.”


OHMSS is excellent, as is what Lazenby brought to the table, but I wouldn’t want ‘one and done’ to become the norm. I think it would be disorderly. Casting a new actor and beginning a film with the intent of doing a standalone is much different to a situation that evolves with the passing time - which is what happened with Lazenby and Dalton. Bonds should be special, and I like getting the most out of actors in iconic roles in general. If something is good make the most out of it.


Absolutely! And I think actors need a couple of movies to really nail their interpretation of Bond: Connery was at his best in Thunderball, Moore in Spy Who Loved Me and Craig in Spectre.


Just read that the next series of Poldark will be the last (not my cup of tea, really).

That would free up Turner to build on his movie career with one or two films in time to have a stake in Bond 26.


I thought the exact same thing… :thinking:


He’s my pick for Bond #7 after Craig, especially if they keep the 2019 release date for Bond 25.