Who do you want for Bond 7?


It looks like Henry Cavill’s franchise future may have just opened up a bit:


Richard Madden seems to be making waves too:


I’m still sticking to my long-time pick of Cavill as Bond 7.


Yes pleeeeeeaseeee!


I think Cavill and Affleck are both done. If you look at the scheduling and direction of the future films, there isn’t a window for them, and I don’t think they’re that interested anyway.

After the BvS backlash the fun was sucked out of the whole venture. And I feel the same way too. I consider myself a DC fan, but now couldn’t really care less. I think the superhero genre needs a good rest.


I think the same about it all as you. I also think that the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs to rest as well, after Avengers Infinity War part 2. There’s only so much bad humor and lame villains that can be taken seriously in the average 2 hour runtime of their films.


Box office numbers tell a different story, however.

But it will be interesting to see how Marvel will fare after this current phase is over.

As for DC: I strangely loved BvS on first viewing (personal derangement?) and was bored and frustrated on second viewing. I tried to coach myself into liking MAN OF STEEL but in the end lost that debate with myself, too. JUSTICE LEAGUE, for my taste, was a mess as well. Wonder Woman - yeah, kind of entertaining. But nowhere near the level it generated at the box office. And while I do enjoy Cavill as Superman a lot, I think the whole idea of the DC universe was misguided from the start by a certain (cough) Mr. Nolan who infused the silly fun of the comics with doom and gloom - and WB went with it because it worked for his Batman.

I certainly hope to see a new Superman film somewhere down the line, when a new WB regime remembers what made the Richard Donner films a huge success: taking the character seriously AND having fun with it at the same time.


…24 of them in 53 years going by that very criticism being used a lot in Moore and Brosnan’s eras.


I liked Man of Steel. I liked BvS, especially the ultimate edition. But the aftermath ruined my enthusiasm considerably. Suicide Squad was butchered with the studio getting cold feet on any mature content, most notably watering down Joker’s abusiveness.

Justice League became another Frankenstein monster amalgamation that only frustrated me. In my view the studio should’ve just released Snyder’s original cut and rebooted straight after. The reviews were going to be savage anyway. After all the reshoot fuss JL made less money than BvS.

With SS and JL, I still feel like I haven’t seen either film. I know the released cuts are not what they should be. All because of gutless studio meddling. Which is disappointing.

What attracted me to the DCEU in the first place (darker tone, elements of realism, less forced humour) isn’t evident anymore. Shazam and Aquaman show it’s just the same cheery Marvel routine, which may work at box office, but doesn’t stimulate my senses.

If Affleck and Cavill leave, I can hardly blame them. Investing your time in ventures that get smashed (turning you into a laughing stock) does seem like a pointless exercise. Your self-esteem and reputation are greater than a pay check, and besides, they can do other projects more worthy of their time. In Cavill’s case, look no further than Mission: Impossible – Fallout.


I was referring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not James Bond.


I was aware, I was pointing out the same criticisms can, and have been, made against Bond.


I’d agree, apart from Thor Ragnarok. I could watch marvel movies directed by Taika Waititi for quite a while to come.

I look forward to anything by Taika Waititi after Thor and What We Do In The Shadows. But he probably won’t do any more marvel movies in which case, yeah, definitely take a long hiatus, please.

I’m looking forward to his Jojo Rabit which sounds absolutely bonkers!


It does - and I think Waititi (as many already proposed) would be great for the future “Guardians of the Galaxy”-movies (should there be any).

Hey, Waititi would actually also be great for Bond.


The joy of art in a capitalist society is it’s only worth what people are willing to pay for it, so ignoring it and not watching it will make it go away…


We can dream


The sadness of art in a capitalist society is that it’s only worth what people are willing to pay for it, so ignoring it and not watching it can make it go away.


Quite. It’s a glass is half full or half empty kind of thing - depends what’s in the glass.


In any event - the box office numbers of MOS and BvS were high enough so that WB could have moved on with both characters, just making better films.

I believe audiences would have responded to that. But it seems that a variety of factors has led WB to reconsider everything, including Afffleck´s personal problems, probably Cavill asking for more money and involvement, executives battling with each other trying to blame someone for their movies not getting the same love as Marvel etc.


True. In my experience, it has sometimes been: love the work, but doubt it will pull in enough people to make it pay to produce. So I am making art–just nobody gets to experience it.


Whereas, save for Kristatos and Graves and maybe Stromberg , I felt the Moore and Brosnan eras actually had very strong villains.