Who do you want for Bond 7?


Will Smith is a text book example. On the very rare occasions he gets to act, he’s very good (Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness), but that’s rarely what he’s hired to do. He’s hired to be Will Smith.


A very cushy number, really!


Here we go again…

‘Bodyguard’ Producer Appears To Confirm Richard Madden Is A Serious Contender To Be Next James Bond

We don’t know if Richard will do series two,” the unnamed producer reportedly told the Mail.
It depends what happens with James Bond, we don’t know yet” he added.

Unnamed’ my a**se! I don’t know anything about journalist Katie Hind, but my guess is it’s another tabloid manufactured page filler.

Madden’s not my choice and i doubt he’ll get it (although that depends upon the availability of his competition when the time comes). But i do like his grounded approach to the rumours:

Everyone just loves the rumour mill on that topic,” he said. “I’m just the current one. There’ll be a different one next week.”

Producer lets slip Madden Bond bombshell

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“Bodyguard - Season 2” can and will be filmed long before BOND 26 will start rolling.

This is just a story that is either made up by Hind or by the producers to boost attention for their show.


Given the source…




Love Cillian Murphy in everything, and with 5 Nolan films to his CV, it plays well with the never ending rumour that Chris Nolan will do A Bond film.

But I’m calling bull on this.image


Wonder when the first of the clickbait thingies will use Shaun Evans…


Most of the people mooted will be too old, including Murphy.


Cillian Murphy would be an interesting choice. A much more interesting and intriguing choice than most of the names that the media throws out there on a daily basis.


I’ve heard his name circulated for Batman as well. If you put the two lists side by side it seems there’s going to be a lot of crossover.


Cillian Murphy was on my list after Batman Begins - I would be very happy to see it. He screentested for Batman and apparently got very far into the process and he got Scarecrow as a result and Nolan loves him. He has a Timothy Dalton vibe I like more than the more Hollywood/“handsome dude” names that usually come up


My guess is that the next Bond is currently 28-32. He’s possibly not yet even on Eon’s list.

The director they choose to make that movie will direct the auditions and in doing so has a huge influence upon who is chosen. That director will bring an actor to the audition who he favours; who he knows he can direct therefore helping that actor to nail the part more convincingly. That’s a good thing that should be respected, because that relationship is the key to the shoot.

I’d be surprised if that director isn’t Nolan, villeneuve, or CJF. In the unlikely event that these 3 say no (or CJFs Bond 25 tanks), then I suggest David Mackenzie will be seen as the safest pair of hands for the soft reboot.

But there’s so maybe age and talent variables that at this time I think it’s almost impossible to predict the next Bond. Sadly even my pick, Dan Stevens is probably too old at 36, unless they can premiere his debut pretty quickly after Bond 25, which I think is doubtful, or unless Eon et al feel ok debuting a new Bond of around 40. I’ve just got a feeling that won’t be the case.

Off the top of my head the likes of 32 year old Sam Clafin seems a safer bet at this time. But moreover I’d look at the 28-32 year old actors Nolan, Villeneuve, CJF and possibly Mackenzie have worked well with…

Looking through these directors’ imdbs there’s:
Billy howle (outlaw king) 29.
Jack O’Connell (Starred Up) 28.

Chris Nolan: he obviously worked with a huge number of young actors in Dunkirk, any one of which could’ve caught his eye as Bond, including, again Billy howle (I’m not familiar with this actor at all - he’s just a name that’s come up again). Nolan regular Tom hardy is too old imo, but I expect him to be a great Bond villain for Nolan.

Villeneuve: Pat Kiely! Actually I’m struggling to IMDb possible actors for Villeneuve :frowning: But He does have an impressive roster of potential villains: Jared Leto, Ryan Goslin, Stellan Skarsguard, Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin. Jason Momoa as a henchman!

CJF: could we see the Jamie Bell (32] rumour resurface? Struggling to find more, but a shame his Maniac star Justin Theroux is 47; in tv series The Leftovers episode ‘International Assassin’ he showed great potential as a Bond candidate imo. Btw, though the series was pretty good, but ultimately not ‘Great’, the International Assassin episode is among my favourite one-hours of tv.

So I think looking at the usual suspects for Bond 7 is redundant. A better place to look (though I’ve not be particularly successful) might be those young actors potential directors have worked with.


depends how quick they get back in after Bond 25 - I suspect “United Artists” will want a reasonably steady flow of 007, certainly nothing like the Craig years have been.

I mean what I still hope they do is have different directors making one off Bond films like Logan or the upcoming Joker movie - in the Bond world but just one off stories that are events - so Nolan could do a Cillian Murphy Bond and someone else could do a Hiddleston Bond, set it in the present or do a period piece - doesn’t matter - get experimental


They can want all they like, it’s them and their money problems causing the gaps. Until they fix it properly we’ll keep having these gaps.


Unfortunately it’s the likelier scenario. It’s taken this long to get a new movie with a returning actor! I definitely don’t see recasting the lead speeding up that process.

It could be perhaps argued that Bond’s gotten too big. With so much box office at stake it’s become an ever more complex, tedious process to turn this tanker ship to the next heading with so many interested parties tugging at the wheel.

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it has but we can’t pretend EON and their revolving door of directors and script troubles are blameless - They both need to get their acts together a little imo.

That’s why I think letting directors do their own thing without franchise pressure and with smaller budgets would be a great move at this stage. High prestige but lower budgets more freedom and more profit


I’m surprised Aaron Taylor- Johnson isn’t mentioned more often. A young Brit who balances character roles alongside franchises. Always seemed a bit too boyish, but now seems mature and perfect. Check out this Givency commercial he did two years ago and imagine how he will look three years from now.

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I’d say that Aaron and Sam clafin probably top the list for a Bond 7 sometime in 2022-23

Aaron showed a great unpredictable menace in Tom Ford’s Excellent Nocturnal Animals; something Craig also possesses in spades and is imo essential to make Bond interesting, rather than a 2D archetype. There’s a fair bit of danger about them.


One director walked, causing a slight delay. That’s not a revolving door, and many big budget films have been killed by that. EON fixed it incredibly quickly by comparison to other films that have run into it. In regards to script troubles, we have rumours from common click bait sources denied by more reputable sources like variety.

People generally - I know film financing and release date delays to maximise profit are very dull subjects, that happen all the time, but let’s not encourage tabloid trash by trying to make the slightly slower rate of Bond movies more interesting than it is. I’m getting sick of seeing this nonsense, especially as MGM’s silence over its future as a company beyond Bond 25 (and I mean for ALL films, not just Bond) suggests we’re in for many more of these delays for Bond 7’s tensure.