Who do you want for Bond 7?


One director walked, causing a slight delay. That’s not a revolving door, and many big budget films have been killed by that. EON fixed it incredibly quickly by comparison to other films that have run into it. In regards to script troubles, we have rumours from common click bait sources denied by more reputable sources like variety.

People generally - I know film financing and release date delays to maximise profit are very dull subjects, that happen all the time, but let’s not encourage tabloid trash by trying to make the slightly slower rate of Bond movies more interesting than it is. I’m getting sick of seeing this nonsense, especially as MGM’s silence over its future as a company beyond Bond 25 (and I mean for ALL films, not just Bond) suggests we’re in for many more of these delays for Bond 7’s tensure.


Well said.


it probably came across more dramatic than i meant it - but their indecision is strange (at least with what is publicly known, it might well not be true), unless they were just exploring while MGM spun the neccessary wheels which is certainly possible - writing a script with Purvis and Wade then dumping it to loudly announce their deal with Boyle, only to dump it quickly after - script troubles have been documented on Spectre, and we know there’s been some unhappiness with the P+W direction for 25 or they wouldn’t have jumped on Boyle.

Money is as always the biggest hurdle but as much as I implicitly trust EON with Bond over anyone else - all I was getting at was that its not like there is no room for improvement on their end - its certainly not their fault that Bond 25 is 5 years after Spectre


We don´t know this at all. The unhappiness just stems from message boards. And they gave Boyle a chance just because he is an Oscar winning filmmaker. When that did not work out they straight went back to me… um… P & W.


Regarding dropping that P&W effort for BOND 25: there’s also a school of thought that the Boyle/Hodge script was only ever marrying the Boyle idea with the P&W script. I’ve no idea whether there is any substance to this but it would surely tally with how fast they switched from one to the other - and maybe/possibly back again. One would like to compare one day the various different script versions…


I think it’s also possible that Eon had no hard feelings about the P&W script, but simply jumped at the opportunity to knab Oscar winning Boyle.

Problems with P&W - I’ve a list :wink: (inc. TWINE being a bag of nice ideas, with the best of them fudged, or seemingly forgotten halfway through the script). But it’s surely unfair to judge their Bond 25 script… yet!

Hopefully it’ll finally win over their critics.

Still waiting on SPs previous drafts, so I’m not holding my breath for Bond 25


Anthony Burgess The Spy Who Loved Me and Peter Morgan’s Bond 23 are still missing…


Well, you know how many “script doctors” went over TWINE, including Michael Apted´s screenwriter wife.

It is absolutely no surprise that many scripts for big budget productions have great ideas without following through on them when the scripts get rewritten too many times by different people following different agendas while preproduction or even shooting is already going on. Piecemeal ensues.


well i mean yeah obviously, and obviously i mean no ill will or criticism towards your… uh… P+W’s writing, it does its job and for the whole is good, spectre’s flaws are not their fault, they aren’t the best on the planet but they understand Bond and provide a solid framework every time - that is not my intention - My point is them rushing to announce Boyle then backtracking at record pace is an indicator of some developmental problems and indecisiveness for Bond 25 regardless, if the script they had was great they would have locked down Yann Demange or someone when that was obviously in negotiation, I think with Craig and everything else happening - they are a little hesitant about what direction to take things and feel a lot of pressure to finish things up right. Obviously its speculation but I mean its kinda what internet forums are for?


If not for forums i’d probably need counselling instead :wink:


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Cillian Murphy is actually quite an interesting choice for the role. I think he could balance the suave, charming and menacing sides of the character really well.


And here, straight from Idris Elba´s interview with the Hollywood Reporter:

How an all-consuming franchise like James Bond would fit into that mix isn’t clear, though it’s hardly worth stressing since Elba, who’d be approaching 50 by the time the part would even be available (Daniel Craig is now 51), suggests it’s pretty unlikely.

So, why blast out that infamous Tweet — “My name’s Elba. Idris Elba.” — to his 2.6 million followers last summer? “I took the piss a little,” he says, “but I was also reminding people that I never got referred to as James Bond. So, I was like, hello, my name is Elba. Idris Elba. It was a joke. I swear to God.”

Pity. He would have been fantastic.


Absolutely (15 years ago) :wink:



I would prefer him over Elba, Hardy and Madden. But I don’t think the part should become a political statement. If it must be, though, i think it’s brilliant, that he was working class, even if he was Nigerian royalty. And a Christian too. Two things which are often ostracized these days. That means more to me than what colour skin he has.


Nice interview with Fiennes oozing common sense: