Who do you want for Bond 7?


Sorry if I’m getting ahead of myself however;

I couldn’t find any Bond and beyond or Bond 7 threads, perhaps I missed them but I think we can assume Bond 26 will be released 2022 on the 60th Anniversary.

Any thoughts;

Do you think they could do it in the 3 year time period?


is it an anniversary they can afford to miss?


It’s an Anniversary they can skip. We already had celebrations for 40 and 50 years. I say takes a step back and wait another 15 years and have a major blowout for the 75th Anniversary.


I’m sure they’ll do something for the 60th. I still hope Idris Elba will be Bond 7. Though he’ll be 50 in 2022, so it won’t happen.


If they get this whole distribution mess sorted out it would be weird for the new distributor to accept waiting for the next Bond - which will feature a new Bond actor - for many years.

The anniversary will be too good to pass up for drumming up attention to Bond again, with the new guy taking over and carrying the torch forward.

So, yeah, I do expect BOND 26 in 2022.


Hmm… there was a long running Bond 7 thread, but it doesn’t come up in the search.

Anyhoo, my money’s on Dan Stevens. The versatility he’s shown in the thriller The Guest, the comedy Night at the Museum and the wonderfully bonkers genre mashing tv series Legion probably puts him near the top of most casting producer’s wish lists, including Bond.


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Same here. Well, this thread then the original.

In answer to the question - I hope it’s someone who has never been suggested.


I always say: “If you can name the next Bond actor, it isn’t him!”

Aside from Brosnan, and perhaps maybe Roger, it’s always been an outlier. Who thought Sean Connery would be cast? Or Timothy Dalton? Daniel Craig? Or an Australian car salesman?


I didn’t search this time. I was just saying how I had issues with searching on the old forums.


By all mean combined the threads if necessary :thinking:

I think SecretAgentFan pretty much nailed it; It would be a great starting point for a new actor and would give the distributor something to distribute in a timely manner :sunglasses:

I can’t imagine them rushing a Bond 26 into theaters any sooner anyway :wink:


Especially with a new actor. Gone are the days when anything about the Bond franchise could be easy.


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LEGION has swiftly become one of my favorite new TV series and with each episode I get more and more comfortable with the idea of Dan Stevens as Bond #7.


Although I don’t like Craig’s portrayal, I’m proud that he and other Bonds before him were state-educated. So many actors these days went to private school, including Dan Stevens.

But I appreciate that’s a political matter :slight_smile:I


Oddly enough, sometime in the mid '80s, I saw Timothy Dalton in an episode of Jane Eyre and thought that he would make a great Bond.


I thought that about him when I saw him in Flash Gordon back in 1980. He had such a dashing Errol Flynn quality in that movie, but I instantly thought he could be Bond.


I was 100% sold on the idea after The Guest. Legion is the icing on the cake.