Who do you want for Bond 7?


Still want Rupert Friend for Bond #7. Won’t happen now that Craig is back as Bond for the next one, though, although this could serve as a teaser for a fanfic I’m working on. Oh well, what could have been. :laughing:


Could’ve also worked scaramanga’s “we are the best” line in their excellently too.


Aidan Turner growing up nicely, a kind of Brosnan / Dalton look…


Looking forward to seeing this play again !


I think Turner would be fantastic, but I’m getting the feeling he’s been mentioned too much and too early to be a real contender. He’s like this eras Clive Owen.


Couldn’t get tickets to take my 6 y/o to see Incredibles 2 today (i know, you’d think everyone else was seeing M:I6, right?). So we settled for a re-viewing of the original The Incredibals.

I’d forgotten what an absolute masterpiece that movie is. I’m writing about it in this forum because if Nolan doesn’t end up doing Bond 26 with the new Bond; if Denis Villiwonker (or whatever) is still busy, then they can do a whole lot worse than Brad Bird.

The Incredibals after all is a love letter to the 60s Bond fantasies. So if Eon want to keep the audience on their toes by going back to the 60s fantasy Bond of Rould Dalh’s YOLT, then Bird, along with Michael Giacchino to score (his Bond-alike Incredibals score is sublime), i’d be happy.


Seconded! And Ghost Protocol wasn’t too shabby either!


For Bond 7 its definitly an approach id hope they look into, as i think it wouldnt allow Bond 7 to be his own thing rather than just a poor mans Daniel Craig.


Craig’s are big shoes to fill. If they go for someone like, say Hardy, or at least someone ‘serious’, then they can risk the comparison with craig.

But if it’s someone lighter, then Brad Bird & Giachinno are a great choice bring back the fun and fantasy.

What Eon have always been great at is understanding the need to maximise the positive. They pick the ‘most bond’ Candidate and shape the tone around them.

Personally I hope they get a great ‘Actor’ like Craig and continue to attract ‘serious’ directors for the more Fleming-esque tone they’ve found with Craig. But it depends upon who they can get for the part and if the best available choice is someone lighter, then Bird is a fantastic plan B to steer it.


Wouldn´t it be too much been there done that and copycat-like if they tried to bring in Craig2?

I´d say: just as they refrained from getting a younger Bresnan-like type after DAD they should do what they have always done: break with the tradition and start completely fresh and different.

I mean: Connery - Lazenby - Moore - Dalton - Brosnan - Craig… that is a pretty diverse slate of actors, always following each other with a very different type.

Apart from my personal dislike for Hardy, he would be too much of a Craig-wannabe.


Craig wannabe seems a bit harsh, but I agree for the most part. I really like Hardy as an actor, but he is similar in approach to Craig in a lot of ways. I think they need to swing towards the Brosnan/Moore lighter touch for Bond 7, allow him the breathing room to create his own performance and avoid Craig comparisons. I used to be against Ben Barnes when his name came up, but following his appearance in Westworld (his other role from the s2 finale in particular) I do think he could do something interesting with the character.


Here’s an interesting little thing that turned up on YouTube today:
Council of Geeks: EXCLUSIVE - Expect “Man of Steel 2”!
As the title suggests it’s primarily about Man Of Steel 2. However it also says that Henry Cavil’s star is on the rise thanks to his role in Mission:Impossible- Fallout and that Warner Brothers are making sure they sign him now so they don’t lose him to another franchise. The ‘other franchise’ in question of course is Bond as his turn in M:I-F has sparked renewed talk of him replacing Craig. Cavil himself even expressed an interest during interviews.

Make of that what you will. As Nathaniel himself says he’s not normally someone with access to inside information or in the business of breaking scoops so he doesn’t have a ‘track record’ in that department. I’ve been following him for a while as he’s someone who always has something interesting to say in these things so I have no reason to doubt him, that is to say I believe he was given what he thinks in inside information on the subject.


The motivation for more Cavill Superman might also suggest CMQ is a shoe in for the job and, from what I’ve seen of Fallout, he definitely seems to get the best performance out of Cavill - and I LOVED his superman (even the films themselves are…um…questionable in quality.

On Bond - Given Bond 25 is over a year out I imagine that anyone mentioned NOW is absolutely not Bond #7 as Bond 26 is over 3 years out at the very least. I mean, are we even 100% that 25 is Craig’s last? I’m sure we’re as close as we can be, but I notice EON did not state that in either of their press releases since Craig confirmed his return.

Having said that though, I think Cavill has aged nicely into the role since 05 and I would love to see him take Bond in a new direction with Christopher Nolan, Chris McQuarrie or Matthew Vaughn directing him (suggested them as they’ve all cast Cavill before - I ordered them in what I think likelihood)


It would be very bad style if Eon publicly commented on BOND 25 being Craig’s last. The wrists comment from SPECTRE is still not buried for good; revisiting this touchy topic now would doubtlessly just reopen that can of worms. I expect they will largely stay in line with their standard procedure and keep comments firmly focused on the immediate task at hand, BOND 25. And pursue further matters with their usual discretion.

As you point out, it’s entirely possible that the need for another actor in the role will only come up further down the road…


I agree wholeheartedly, that actor however , will not be Cavill. I don’t think he’s even on the radar. I even suspect that Craig may well do another Bond as we are in a similar position to the early 80s when there weren’t many options around and EON stuck with Moore until those option were available/ old enough to take over


That is an intriguing thought: Craig staying on after BOND 25.

But when would BOND 26 be shot and released? 2023? Another four years then for him would bring Craig to the midst of his 50´s. And that’s only if he were interested and asked back because business for BOND 25 would be considered good enough.

Also, Craig said that he wanted to do BOND 25 in order to go out on a high.

Granted, he could then change his mind and say: oh, this one was so much fun I want to continue.

But I doubt it.

As for Cavill, he’s gained momentum with M:I - Fallout, but who’s to say how he is regarded in another two or three years?

He does have the advantage of having already come very close to being chosen. He therefore is in a position Moore, Dalton and Brosnan were (with Brosnan, of course, being even closer to Bond after signing for TLD).

I would not count him off.


True Cavill is in a similar position but I don’t think as “wanted” as the others were at their respective junctures.
Craig doing 6 is , I think quite a likely scenario if it does between Spectre and Skyfall numbers at the box office, they will want him to finish his tenure to coincide with the 60th anniversary, 3 years after which Aaron Taylor Johnson will be around 36😎


I thought him not edgy enough until is very disturbing turn in Nocturnal Animals, after which I think him a strong candidate.


I suppose Cavill gained some momentum now, true. But I also suspect it’s mostly with people who are hardcore Bond fans and gradually warmed to the idea over the years, in spite of having had other names in mind; probably not so much with the general audience (who largely doesn’t give it any serious thought since they are presented with a ‘possible Bond contender’ every other month now).

I think the most important factor for Bond 7 will be the studio: how far are they willing to trust Broccoli’s instinct? Will they follow her verdict or push their own vision? Do they maybe already have one or several favourites for the role? How good is the chemistry going to be between studio and Eon? All of that will factor heavily into the casting and the entire direction of the franchise.

That’s why I’m sceptic regarding Craig’s return after BOND 25. Yes, he’s a bit the default stand-in for BOND 25 since he’s been enormously successful. But right at the moment I don’t at all see a greater public demand for his return. People like him as 007 - speaking here in broad generalisation - but most do not absolutely crave another film with him. What they want is another Bond film and they’d just as well see another actor in the role.

That’s why I don’t think the studio will pursue Craig for yet another production. I suspect they are already in the market for a 007 model of their own. And most likely they don’t intend to groom some actor for years when there’s always the chance audiences take a dislike in the new face in the meantime.

Of course it’s entirely possible studio and Eon don’t agree on Bond 7 and things might stall. But would that really mean they’d once more court Craig - or rather that a compromise candidate will be found? I think it will be the latter, especially since Barbara Broccoli has a long history of experience in negotiations and will know how to present her case in a convincing manner.


He said this on Colbert. Just as I was sure Craig would be back for Bond 25 despite conjecture and infamous quote, this will also be his last Bond, and it’s the final one on his contract. They will use the 60th anniversary to introduce a new Bond, perhaps Cavil, Aidan Turner, or someone else (I’m not keen on Hardy but if Nolan directs, who knows?)

Cavil looks the part, but needs to work on being charming, suave and debonair (though he’s still more of those things now than Craig.) But his recent quote doesn’t help him. Still, Bond 26 is at least four years off.