Who do you want for Bond 7?


He also said he would only do another one for the money. At the moment, that’s Bond 25.


In that same interview…I’m sure the “journalist” who did that is smug that his sound bits are still being used three years later as gospel.


Why doubt that interview? He hasn’t denied any of it.


Absolutely agreed.

Also, it´s not like during the Connery era when he alone was Bond and could guarantee great box office results.

People are now used to getting a new Bond every now and then. So it would make sense to market BOND 25 as Craig´s farewell to the role, the way DAF was designed for Connery.

And quite frankly, I would love for BOND 25 to conclude that era, allowing the franchise to regenerate.


He’s also said the exact opposite in similar interviews, and denied that he actually felt that why in EVERY post SPECTRE interview he’s given.

I’m sure it’s like any job, some days he loves it and is excited by the whole experience, others he watches the clock till he can go home and sleep. Problem is, Craig has been given the “grumpy northerner” characterisation of a soap as an assumed idea of what he’s like and so people on the internet cling to all quotes that support that idea, and claim he’s lying, or that it’s just PR, when he doesn’t.

Problem is - Daniel Craig is a real person, not a 2d soap character. How he feels about the vast majority of things is ever changing, not a single constant.


Well, I guess he just comes across that way to interviewers because he just is not that kind of PR-friendly charmer others are Also, he seems to cultivate that image and even like that.

And why not? I never got the feeling that Craig has a distinct career plan trying to get higher and higher on that A-list ladder.

He started out as a character actor who went where the offers were. Then he won the lottery by being chosen as Bond and succeeding beyond expectations. Now, he is at a point where he just does what he wants and when he wants. He is not chasing awards or roles that others are desperately trying to land. He is in it for the fun of it. And, of course, for the money BOND 25 can bring him.

Who wouldn’t?


Craig doesn’t sound remotely grumpy to me. Just straight forward and direct with a rare and welcome absence of show biz dissengenuos BS! He’s a working actor as opposed to the far more common celebrity working on their ‘movie-star’ image.

Maybe he doesn’t toe the PR line the execs demand and I applaud him for it. It’s easy to call that disposition grumpy on face value, but to be in that demanding, pressurised position and yet throw caution to the wind by as good as telling those money men dangling cheques to sod of with his blunt honesty is pretty damned cool. After all, Bond himself is a ‘blunt insturment’.

I think this rebellious ‘f*** you’ streak in Craig is a major part of the mojo that makes him a great Bond. It seems counter productive to want that tamed.


No reason for taming - he isn’t that wild anyway. We´re not talking Shia La Beouf here, thankfully.

But make no mistake: even that Craig image is a carefully constructed and maintained one.

However, he does come across as someone who can take a joke. Watch his Colbert interview and its obvious where he playacts and where he is naturally uneasy. For me, it´s charming combination.


His interviews with Colbert are always good (Colbert is an old friend of his wife’s which I’m sure helps)

Look up the interview Craig had with Colbert for SPECTRE, they do a sketch in which Bond has to hire a rental car from Colbert’s typical car rental employee - Craig does a typical Bond threatening moment with almost full gravitas, but then can’t stop corpsing for the rest of the sketch with Colbert’s deadpan (if camp) responses.


I remember that and it was hilarious!

I think Craig came to terms with the trajectory of his career after the failures of Golden Compass and The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. He was a one franchise actor, but that would allow him to indulge in other projects such as Lucky Logan and the now not happening Purity.

Reportedly, he’s getting $25M for Bond 25 but turned down $100M for a twofer. So I think he’s done after this last one. It’d be time for a new Bond after 2020 anyway.


Ah Purity…Showtime’s CEO has said it’s on-hold until Craig has finished Bond 25 but the head writer has pitched a shorter version (with Craig still attached)

Basically, I gather Showtime believes that the series lives or dies by Craig’s involvement, so are willing to accommodate his schedule.

Whilst I do doubt a sixth Craig Bond, I wouldn’t put too much in him turning down signing for two off the bat as a marker he won’t. The second he signs that, he has to make that film if EON does, regardless if he likes what they’re selling or not. This knowledge can make actors very uncomfortable with multi-film contracts, preferring instead to go one film at a time.


Anyway, Bond 7 . . .

I know it has no chance of happening, and I’m not even sure it would be a good idea, but I think Benedict Cumberbatch would be a really interesting and different Bond – nothing remotely like anyone in the past.


Cumberbatch would agree…look it up. It’s funny.




The whole world is🙄




He was at the top of my list.


Of who I didn’t want to be Bond #7.


Second on that list. David Beckham is number 1.


Presume he is just stirring things.


He‘s making fun of this old but always working rumour.