Who do you want for Bond 7?


Good for him - if you can’t beat them, join them!


All of the Elba talk is really just getting a bit over the top at this point. There’s just no way that he’ll be Bond. He will be 46 next month and would be nearly 50 at the earliest his Bond film would end up arriving in theaters. Maybe if they’re doing a one-off film, perhaps, but there’s no way that he’s going to be signing on to do multiple pictures, especially given the current 3-4 year gap between films.


Unless, hypothetically Eon decided that after Craig they’d try something different like having a different actor play Bond in a few consecutive movies. That way age wouldn’t matter.

If any of you have ever seen the BBC satirical news quiz panel show HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU they had small production catastrophe several years ago when their presenter Angus Deaton had a drugs & prostitutes story done on his in a tabloid.

The Beeb sacked him and speculation began on who’d replace him. In what seemed like a stopgap measure the next series went ahead with a different celeb presenting each ep. However it proved a success and years later they’re still doing it this way.

Of course bond and HIGNFY couldn’t be more different, but to some extent it proves the principal that audiences can handle such a shift in approach and being a high profile prime time show in the U.K. who knows, perhaps B.B. is a fan.

If so perhaps she’s been inspired to try using a different actor to play Bond for half a dozen movies before reverting back to the current format.

Being a single movie contract perhaps she could even bring Daniel Day Lewis out of retirement!

In all seriousness I doubt this is on the cards - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But I imagine someone has/will suggested it at some point in one of the many ‘how do we replace Craig?’ meetings.


I can imagine Barbara Broccoli throwing up her hands in frustration and saying “Fine! You want to talk about is the next Bond? Have a new Bond in every movie! Are you happy now?”


Sure, Bond 7 is certainly not something they’d talk about to the press until after Bond 25 and even then not until they’ve a short list at the earliest. But I’d be pretty shocked if it’s not already been the subject of informal discussions at Eon.


It’s EON - they’ll talk new Bond when they’re announcing who it is!


Indeed! The point i was making was that these conversations are surely always happening behind the scenes. It’s not like they’ll embargo any utterance of Bond 7 between themselves.


Debbie McWilliams will DEFINITELY be thinking about it (literally her job) but I think the rest probably go with the “cross that bridge when we get to it” attitude.


Rumours about the next Bond?

EON: “PR that doesn’t cost us anything, and it continues to bring us attention - fabulous!”

Daniel Craig: “Hmm, maybe I should sign the contract to do two more, just to piss those internet guys off.”

Christopher Nolan: “Why am I not mentioned doing BOND 26?”

MGM: “Wait, who will finance BOND 26? Was there a memo?”


I mean Antoine Fuqua is the only one mentioning Idris Elba - BB never said that (even if the rumor is to be believed).

I could see them doing “prestige one shots” following Craig for a while - team up an A-List director with an A-List Bond of choice and let them do their own take of Bond be it period, art, classic adventure film etc… ie: Idris Elba/Antoine Fuqua, Chris Nolan/Tom Hardy, Tarantino/Brosnan etc etc… It will allow them to get bigger names without long contracts and make Bond more an event

It is either this or they go for a more traditional younger Bond who they can reboot with and sign up for 3-5 films and continue their Marvel-ish approach as if with Craig.


No, they’ll ask that June 2020 and not a second before…then be surprised it takes 3 years…

Totally see Daniel Craig choosing to do it just to contradict tabloid journalists and their internet counterparts though.


Both the Elba/Fuqua camps deny any conversations regarding the role, in fact Elba tweeted personally not to pay attention to the rumors.





I always thought Idris Elba was the other ‘00’ agent who was meant to pick up the Aston Martin Craig Bond stole in SPECTRE.


That would’ve been a hilarious cameo.


I’m not sure Idris would listen to Sinatra!


So Bond 26 is all about car envy… I love it!

And we all know what that’s Freudian for!

The often phallice obsessed pre-titles could be particularly risky to say the least :wink:


If this doesn’t put Turner at the top of the list then i don’t know what will.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s time for a unknown to take over the franchise. If it’s a 5 year wait we’re looking at, keep Ralph Fiennes as M, and Ben Whislaw as Q and reboot it. They have a lot of material to look at, not just “original” screenplays by Purvis and Wade.


I think there’s a temptation to idealise the unknown actor, to think that there’s a potentially perfect Bond waiting in the wings. Personally I feel experience is important as is a proven ability to carry a film. Some films call for a fresh face but I don’t think Bond does, just someone not connected to a major franchise (which admittedly is getting harder and harder).