Amazon in Talks to Buy MGM

Look up who owns the nuclear codes for the US

When you’re done crying…we’ll get get back to what we’re saying.

It wouldn’t be a day that ended in ‘y’ if there weren’t some story about MGM and something that could potentially lead to more financial difficulties.

You think this is not a potential problem that will delay decisions on Bond‘s future?

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It will almost definitely cause delays, but the US government have (possibly accidentally) given Amazon far too much power for this to be any more than a tiny dog yapping.

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That is comforting for Bond fans and troubling for mankind.


Ironically though, it’s the US government giving Amazon far too much power that might be the exact reason why THIS might be more than a tiny dog yapping…

At best, this is going to cause uncertainty for the near future, but the political winds might be shifting into a disadvantageous one for the current administration by November, so they don’t have a huge window to act in with any consequence.


Reading a very long article about the head of the FTC Lina Khan published today. Here’s the one relevant passage for Bond fans…