Forum Game: This or That?


If we were talking actresses, I would go with Monica Bellucci. But since we’re going with characters, I will pick Severine.

Better fight:

Bond vs. Necros in The Living Daylights


Bond vs. Steven Obanno in Casino Royale



I’d give Bond vs Necros the edge in the fact that it took place in the cargo plane with the back door open and them hanging onto the net, which gave the fight that much more excitement and white-knuckling elements. Bond vs Obanno was good but fairly brief.

Bond cinematographers… Phil Meheux (GE, CR), Roger Deakins (SF), or Michael Reed (OHMSS)?



Better Ford vehicle driven by a Bond girl:

Mrs. Bond’s 1969 Mercury Cougar from OHMSS:


Tiffany Case’s 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 from DAF: ?


1969 Mercury Cougar from OHMSS.

Best boat:

Scaramanga’s oriental junk or the gondola from Moonraker?


Scaramanga’s junk (err… I mean his BOAT! :laughing:…the gondola was just a bit too silly for me.

Agent Fields in Quantum of Solace OR Madeline Swann in SPECTRE?


Madeleine Swann

Better fight:

Bond vs. Donald “Red” Grant in From Russia With Love


Bond vs. Necros in The Living Daylights



Bond vs. Donald “Red” Grant in From Russia With Love

Dumber idea:

J.W. Pepper in TMWTGG


Blofeld is Bond’s long-lost foster brother in Spectre


Bringing back J.W. Pepper in TMWTGG

Best nod to Bond’s marriage in OHMSS in a later film… Bond being sensitive about certain things when Anya rattles off his dossier in TSWLM, Bond visiting Tracy’s grave in FYEO, OR Felix telling Della about Bond’s marriage, a long time ago in LTK?


Visiting Tracy’s grave in FYEO.

Who dressed Roger Moore better?
Cyril Castle
Angelo Roma
Douglas Hayward


Much as I love Angelo’s suits for MR, I have to go with Hayward for keeping Roger in “classic” mode to escape the godawful trends of 80s fashion.

Most anti-climactic “Bond didn’t even kill the villain” moment:

Domino spears Largo in TH


Columbo knifes Kristatos in FYEO


Nobody kills Blofeld in SP


Nobody kills Blofeld in SP.

Speaking of Spectre: more annoyingly ill-fitting James Bond suit

Bond’s black suit at Blofeld’s Morocco compound in Spectre
Bond’s black tuxedo from Skyfall