Forum Game: This or That?



Best random cameo by an elephant:

Dunking JW in the river (TMWTGG)
Playing slots in a Vegas casino (DAF)


I remember one internet flamer complaining about the “bad CGI” with the elephant at the Circus Circus (???)

Still, I’ll go with the baby elephant in the Chao Phraya floating market (that’s also where JW’s reappearance should have ended).
I didn’t get to see the baby elephant myself when I lived in Thailand in 69-70, but my parents did - there was always one there.

Better gadget:

The Golden Gun
‘Wet Nellie’ Lotus Esprit


The Gun , if only for the image Lee putting it together.
“I think he got the point”
“Do you mind if my friend sits this one out ?.. She’s just dead”


“Do you mind if my friend sits this one out?..She’s just dead”

“No ma’am I’m with the economy tour”
“You know what they say about the fittest”


“You know what they say about the fittest…”

“Do me a favor…throw that down the toilet…cut out the middle man!”


" Vodka martini…plenty of ice…if you can spare it! "


“Plenty of ice.”

The exploding white Lotus Turbo
the red ski-packing Lotus Turbo


Definitely the red ski-packing Lotus Turbo.

Better return of a recurring series character who’d been missing for quite a few films:

The return of Felix Leiter(played by John Terry) in The Living Daylights


The return of Ernst Stavro Blofeld(played by Christoph Waltz) in SPECTRE?


Both are hugely underwhelming, but at least “meh” Felix isn’t crucial to the plot of his film, so he gets my vote.

Best use of a coffin in an action scene:

Jazz funeral in LALD
Knife thrower in MR


Jazz Funeral

Most useful gadget

Briefcase talcum powder explosive in FRWL
Magnetic watch in LALD



Casino Royale (novel)
Casino Royale (2006 film)


The novel, without it we would have nothing to discuss on this forum, or all those movies , books, childhood forming fashion decisions …the horror! The HORROR

Bernard Lee
Judy Dench


Judi Dench. Tough decision, but I’ll take the tough woman.

“You defy all my attempts to plan an amusing death for you.”
“You have a nasty habit of surviving.”


I prefer Louis Jordan’s delivery , so the latter
Most gratuitously "down with the kids " action sequence…
Snowboarding in AVTAK
Whatever the CGI image of Brosnan was doing in DAD


Oh I’ll take the snowboarding in AVTAK any day over that CGI garbage in Die Another Day.

More cringeworthy line… “I think I broke her heart!” - Jinx in Die Another Day


“He was buried with work!” - Bond in The World Is Not Enough?


“Ithink I broke her heart.” I cant stand anything that comes out jinx’s mouth. Though the Brosnan’s films, at times, rival the Moore films for use of awful puns. Speaking of…

More quip-heavy film:
The Spy Who Loved Me
Tomorrow Never Dies


If we define “heavy” as oppressively burdensome, then TND. It may not have more quips in sheer numbers, but every one of them brings the film to a screeching halt.

Best “traveling in the wrong lane” moment:

Motorcyclist chases skier down a bobsled run (FYEO)


Mercedes chases choo-choo down a train track (OP)


I always liked the Mercedes on the train tracks.

Is Die Another Day more of a:
Moonraker retelling
Diamonds are Forever retelling


I say it has more of a Diamonds Are Forever retelling…

Which was more of an odd Bond escape vehicle…

The Honda ATC 90 three-wheeler with puffy wheels in Diamonds Are Forever


The airplane stairway vehicle that Bond and Kara use to get to the fence in The Living Daylights?


Well, both did provide quick escapes, but the mobile stairs served best for both being somewhat inconspicuous driving across an airfield and in providing a way over the fence.

So… Hmmm…

Better commandeered/borrowed/stolen vehicle on the run:

AMC Hornet to pursue Scaramanga


BMW motorcycle to escape Carver’s goons


That’s a difficult one, but gotta go with the BMW motorcycle chase. Better companion, higher stakes, and no slide whistle.

Bigger wasted Bond car:
Bronze Lotus Esprit Turbo in FYEO
BMW Z3 in Goldeneye