Forum Game: This or That?


Oh definitely the BMW Z3 in Goldeneye… We were promised great things when Q bragged about the stinger missiles behind the headlights and yet they failed to appear in action.

Possible return to locations for Bond 25…which would you like to see return after a long absence?

Japan (has been over 50 years since YOLT)


Greece (37 years since FYEO)?


Japan, the most exotic location we’ve yet seen in a Bond film IMHO.

Which rendition of the James Bond theme do you prefer:

James Bond with Bongos from FRWL


the original rendition from DN



Nothing beats the original rendition, but I do also love the James Bond With Bongos too.

Which version of the “007” theme do you think is best?

From Russia With Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever OR Moonraker?


The Connery era one. I loved its appearance in Moonraker and would love to see it again, but I feel it belongs with Spectre.

Best gunbarrel:
Licence to Kill
Casino Royale


Licence to Kill…

Casino Royale '67… Peter Sellers as James Bond OR David Niven as James Bond?