Forum Game: This or That?


Oh definitely the BMW Z3 in Goldeneye… We were promised great things when Q bragged about the stinger missiles behind the headlights and yet they failed to appear in action.

Possible return to locations for Bond 25…which would you like to see return after a long absence?

Japan (has been over 50 years since YOLT)


Greece (37 years since FYEO)?


Japan, the most exotic location we’ve yet seen in a Bond film IMHO.

Which rendition of the James Bond theme do you prefer:

James Bond with Bongos from FRWL


the original rendition from DN



Nothing beats the original rendition, but I do also love the James Bond With Bongos too.

Which version of the “007” theme do you think is best?

From Russia With Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever OR Moonraker?


The Connery era one. I loved its appearance in Moonraker and would love to see it again, but I feel it belongs with Spectre.

Best gunbarrel:
Licence to Kill
Casino Royale


Licence to Kill…

Casino Royale '67… Peter Sellers as James Bond OR David Niven as James Bond?


David Niven. He would’ve made a good Bond in a regular 007 film back in his prime.

Which “alternate universe” Bond girl catfight would you rather watch:

Melina Havelock(FYEO) vs. Naomi(TSWLM)


Anya Amasova/Triple X(TSWLM) vs. Bibi Dahl(FYEO)?


Melina vs Naomi

Should Fukunaga:
Use Boyle’s idea and run with the Modern Cold War story
Create his own unique Bond adventure


Create his own Bond adventure

Would you rather a theme be;

An awful song but sounds “Bondian”


A brilliant song, but isn’t traditionally Bond


No doubts whatsoever: A brilliant song, but isn’t traditionally Bond.

Fukunaga makes…

A Bond movie that’s ‘arty’, breaks all the traditions, but critics love it.


A traditional Bond movie that plays out all the tropes fans want, but is merely OK.


“Arty” that breaks all the rules and is a critical darling. Perfect example: Skyfall vs Spectre.

Will Bond 25 make it’s 2020 Valentine Day release


No, but it will make its 2020 valentine day release :wink:

Bond 26 with Craig


Bond 26 with Bond 7


Bond 26 with Craig IF it’s in 2022

If Bond every returns to games;



Something new


My bad, fixed. Lol


Something new, go the Metal Gear/Splinter Cell way and make it truly a spy game. No more mowing down thousands of Baddies. Bond isn’t a mass murderer.

Bigger disappointment:

No Bond in 1991
No Bond in 2010


Oh that’s easy, 91. In 2010 there was no doubt James Bond will return. In 91…not so much…

If someone from a different type of Bond adaptation was to make a Bond film, would you rather;

Martin Jarvis


Warren Ellis

Just came across this article.

Seems the gunning down everything was right for the Brosnan era. Though tbh I’d agree with you, Ubisoft and Rockstar in particular have demonstrated that many typically Bond like traits can be portrayed in Games in a fun way.



Preferred title for Bond 25:

Time to Kill


No Time to Die



Given those choices “No Time to Die” actually is pretty good. Sort of reminds me of Gardner’s titles.

Literary Bond vehicles:

Jaguar XK8 or Saab 900 Turbo?


Saab 900 turbo - best thing in the Gardner novels
Connery stars in OHMSS
Dalton stars in AVTAK


Dalton in AVTAK. I’ve tried to picture Connery in OHMSS and it doesn’t work.

If Blofeld returns, who should play him:
Christoph Waltz
Someone else


Someone else… Gabriel Byrne🙄

Train Fight in FRWL
Train Fight in TSWLM