Forum Game: This or That?


FRWL. The train fight in TSWLM is great, but I still can’t understand why they were even in a train. Bond and Anya we’re traveling from Cairo to Sardinia. It’s not even possible to do.

More likely over-used plot device to appear in Bond 25 to attempt to “shock” the audience:
A double agent inside MI6 gasp I never saw that coming eye roll
Bond disobeys M and goes rogue…again


Bond disobeys M and goes rogue…again.

More effective Bond girl death scene:

the death of Mrs. Tracy Bond at the end of OHMSS(1969)


the death of Vesper Lynd in CR(2006)?


Tracy’s death is more dramatically effective, but Vesper’s death is better crafted.

Worst 2nd novel…

Fleming: LALD
Gardner: For Special Services
Benson: The Facts of Death
Higson: Blood Fever
Horowitz: Forever and a Day

FWIW, I rate the 2nd novels in the following order (best to worst): Fleming, Wood, Higson, Horowitz, Benson, and Gardner. Tho’ Benson’s is poorly written and silly, Gardner’s is stunningly bad at times despite an excellent start and finish. Wood-Higson-Horowitz are in close proximity.