Forum Game: This or That?


FRWL. The train fight in TSWLM is great, but I still can’t understand why they were even in a train. Bond and Anya we’re traveling from Cairo to Sardinia. It’s not even possible to do.

More likely over-used plot device to appear in Bond 25 to attempt to “shock” the audience:
A double agent inside MI6 gasp I never saw that coming eye roll
Bond disobeys M and goes rogue…again


Bond disobeys M and goes rogue…again.

More effective Bond girl death scene:

the death of Mrs. Tracy Bond at the end of OHMSS(1969)


the death of Vesper Lynd in CR(2006)?


Tracy’s death is more dramatically effective, but Vesper’s death is better crafted.

Worst 2nd novel…

Fleming: LALD
Gardner: For Special Services
Benson: The Facts of Death
Higson: Blood Fever
Horowitz: Forever and a Day

FWIW, I rate the 2nd novels in the following order (best to worst): Fleming, Wood, Higson, Horowitz, Benson, and Gardner. Tho’ Benson’s is poorly written and silly, Gardner’s is stunningly bad at times despite an excellent start and finish. Wood-Higson-Horowitz are in close proximity.


Gardners’ 2nd

Preferred plot for Bond 25:-

Blofeld recruits a replacement for Denbigh from inside prison who goes after Bond for revenge. However, there is a 3rd party - another criminal organisation is creating havoc all over the USA. Bond draws both opponents into a game of cat and mouse…and mouse


Bond is called out of retirement with Madeline Swan to deal with a Russian terrorist who has ticking timebombs in Poland, India and Australia. 007 must work out the order each will go off, in order to save each country from disaster



I guess the former. I could see that happening.

More underrated villain:

Elliot Carver
Kamal Khan


Kamal Khan

Most overrated villain



Both are fine villains, but, for the sake of a “scheme” that seems out of place, Scaramanga (yes, I’m aware that’s the story rather than the performance)

If Actors could be switched into a different film

Craig in For Your Eyes Only


Moore in Casino Royale


Wow Moore in Casino Royale has just blown my mind, imagine the double entendres!
But it has to be Craig in FYEO ( I can actually picture him in every scene, can’t the other way round… Moore in DAF though , that I can see )

Moore in OHMSS
lazenby in LALD


Lazenby in Live and Let Die. I’ve seen Roger give a wide range of performances, Lazenby, I think, would’ve been better in a second film.

Speaking of…

A third Dalton Bond film


A second Lazenby Bond film


A 3rd Dalton.

Is it about time for a new:
Modern day set Bond novel
a PS4/Xbox One Bond game


PS4 game, Ubi soft & Rockstar already have all the elements for a great Bond game in their respective works.

On a related note;

If a game was to be adapted into a film



Everything or Nothing


Everything Or Nothing.

More faithful adaptation:

Dr. No
From Russia With Love


Willem Dafoe won that alone didn’t he…

Dr No, Mostly because I really miss the villain set up from the FRWL novel.

Writing out the amazing coincidence from Fleming’s Goldfinger?


Leaving in the amazing coincidence from Fleming’s Thunderball?



Would you rather be an extra in a successful Bond film


Play 007 in a flop



As I am quite a shy person I’d opt for the extra part :slight_smile:





Villain. Always seems more fun.

If you had to choose which Bond/Batman actors to switch, so the Batman actor is now Bond, and the Bond actor is now Batman…

Swap Christian Bale and Daniel Craig


Swap Michael Keaton and Timothy Dalton


Keaton and Dalton. Simply out of curiosity to see what he’d bring to it. Whereas Bale, though well suited, would hardly needed to alter his usual screen persona.

You can only save one collection from a fire: The Bond books, or the Bond Blu-rays?


Bond books. I have the films in other formats :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A period adaptation of Live & Let Die as a film


A modernised adaptation of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service as a Netflix series


Period LALD adaptation. Just to see how they dig themselves out of the novel’s highly dated racial stereotypes.

So… You can only save one collection from a fire: The Bond books, or the Bond movies (in any format :wink: )


Still books. I have the 2006 collection with author introductions, my Casino Royale went missing and it took me months to get a replacement copy. God only knows how hard itd be to replace all 14.

Actor you wish had been in a Bond film

Peter Cushing


Vincent Price