Forum Game: This or That?


Vincent Price.

Left field arthouse Bond director

Tim Burton


David Lynch


Hmmm…both interesting but I will go with Lynch.

Preferred artist to record the theme for Bond 25:-1:

Ellie Goulding


Ed Sheeran



Ellie Goulding.

If James Bond were to fight a fictional villain from another franchise:
James Bond vs. Voldemort
James Bond vs The Master


Easy, James Bond vs The Master…though, given Ralph Fiennes and Timothy Dalton, havn’t we seen both already? :grin::cocktail:


Who would you like to see write a James Bond novel?

Robert Harris


Michael Chabon


Dalton was Rassilon, not the Master (John Simm).


I’m aware, but as the question was which would James Bond face, the ending of The Master “having a zap battle with James Bond” (Simm,10, The End of Time part 2 commentary) counts as The Master facing off against James Bond.

The Master vs James Bond

And any argument Bond has with Mallory is James Bond versus Voldemort.


That’s better.


That’s the same…


Yes, but now I understand.
As for a writer, I have no opinion. Next poster, please…


Gillian Flynn

Best debut

Moore in Live and Let Die
Dalton in The Living Daylights


AWESOME call (even if it wasn’t one of my options)
Dalton in The Living Daylights

Could’ve been?

Pierce Brosnan in The Living Daylights


Cary Grant in Dr. No


She was in my mind having just watched “widows” come to think of it, Steve McQueen for Bond 26 !
Personally Brosnan in The Living Daylights ( I always thought Grant would have been a poor Bond )
Who would win a straight out fight…
Connery Bond
Craig Bond


Craig’s Bond I think would be the victor.

Say we get a new ally for Bond in Bond 25: Should it be

A father like figure, ala Kerim Bey, Columbo, Rene Mathis OR a younger, more best buddy like figure say Felix Leiter in CR, QoS or Alec Trevelyan (before we knew he was bad) in GE?


“The Kerim Bey, father figure type.”

More implausible action star:


Moore. Like the man himself, his Bond would charm you into submission, regardless if you’re a Russian spy or a gangsters moll. Doubt he knew how to make a fist, but he definitely knew every martini recipe there was.

Which actor in a different spy film of the 90’s

Tom Cruise is James Bond in Goldeneye


Pierce Brosnan is Simon Templar in The Saint


Pierce as Templar, although this is why we never saw Ian Ogilvy as Bond - he didn’t want to make a career out of reliving Moore’s career.

A break from Aston Martins: back to


No doubt about it, Lotus!

As Bond in Dr No…

Patrick McGoohan


David Niven


Hmm, David Niven.

Skyfall in 1962
Dr No in 2012


Dr No in 2012.

If we’d introduced ‘Bond: The Orphan’ way back then in a 1962 SF, I dread to think what Eon would now be resorting to in order to revamp things. Maybe making bond and Blofeld stepbrothers…? Ok, that’s just silly, they’d never sink that low…

Bond 26:

A younger, 30ish Bond takes his next mission in the timeline straight after QoS (Craig’s ‘missing years’), with Vesper and Quatum’s demise referenced by M and pretending Spectre didn’t happen (much like the new Halloween pretended all the awful sequels didn’t happen). Not that I think Spectre’s awful, but perhaps it’s easier to just clear the board of it and do Blofeld over.

Or (sorry that was a bit long winded).

Craig as Bond in retirement in an adaptation of Pearson’s biography, using the flashbacks to cast the new, much younger Bond. Then having that actor play Bond in B27 and hopefully for several more after that.


This one. Mostly because I hate the sequel that ignores other sequels thing…on a related note

Bond 7;

Have continuity with previous films, so everything from Dr No to Bond 25 is “cannon”


It’s own thing. Entirely self contained with a whole new cast and a style and tone it wants, rather than intentionally harking back to anything else.