Forum Game: This or That?


Kind of agree with that sentiment. I hate how Spectre played out, but now you’ve got to own it.

More the second option. I’d probably give it a very loose connection the rest of the saga, much as every previous Bond actor, until Craig, had their Bond loosely connected to the overall story. Though the DB5 in Skyfall, more than anything, really throws any semblance of a coherent timeline out the window.

Moonraker in 2002
Die Another Day in 1979


Moonraker in 2002

For Bond 25…should Craig reshoot the gunbarrel? YES or NO?


Yes, simply because the other 4 had unique gunbarrels.

A song uniquely for the end credits (like TND’s Surrender)


A suite of the films score


Let’s have a second song this time around.

Preferred title for Bond 25:-

Better Late Than Never





Better Late Than Never

Mr. Hinx…could he return in Bond 25? NO (it’s obvious that he’s dead after being chucked out of the train) OR NO (we never saw a body)?


Since the choices are “NO” and “NO,” I’ll say " NO. " :slight_smile:

In LALD, Bond is told he’s “goin’ skydiving” (sans parachute), but he avoids it. In MR, he really does do it. So…

Would the skydiving fight sequence have been more effective in the context of LALD (where if nothing else it’d be a more excusable way to abandon Solitaire)


Does it work better right where it is, kicking off the OTT spectacle that is MR?


It’s better in MR. A totally outlandish beginning to a totally outlandish movie.

And besides, in LALD i’m fine with him abandoning Solitaire. Like the song says, he’s got a job to do.

Bond25! With a solid Maddy Swann rumour out there…

Blofeld is the big bad, going by the name Shatterhand and operation a Garden of Death in Japan.

Or, He’s the unseen puppet-master pulling the strings of Bunt, or Largo from his prison cell in an original story.


Tbh, neither, but forced to choose. Fan service of Shatterhand over sequel baiting BTS Blofeld.

Though on a similar note

For Swann, should this credible rumour play out

Proper starring role


Extended cameo


Extended cameo. She’s the weakest Craig-era Bond girl, which is strange because she’s an important character played by a very talented actress. However, for the story I think she has to die and die early.

Will Bond 25 play out as:
A You Only Live Twice-ish adaptation
A different Spectre story


A You Only Live Twice-ish adaptation (fingers crossed!)

In Bond 26, Bond 7 is introduced via the opening of TMWTGG (novel); a direct sequel to YOLT in which a brainwashed Bond tries to assassinate M. Then he’s rehabilitated, allowing for the new Bond actor to establish his Bond by re-learning who he is.


Bond 7 is introduced afresh, with no ties to the Craig canon.


The former, no more reboots.

Will Bond 25 make its Valentine’s Day 2020 release


(Oops! Guess that’s what I get for not proofreading my answer properly… :laughing:)

And to answer theSpectre’s question:

YES Bond 25 will make it’s Valentine’s Day release.

Now that the ball is rolling along with Bond 25, should EON start thinking ahead now as to who the next 007 will be and what sort of storyline should it be so that what we won’t have such a long wait in between films? YES or NO (let them fully concentrate on making Bond 25 as good as possible)?


No. Let them focus on Bond 25, planning for a film when you don’t know where the money is coming from, when you’ll be making it or any other consequence, good or bad, from how Bond 25 does, makes such planning a fools errand.

Two auteurs in a row now -

should Eon stick with that for the series going forward?


Should they have a single go to director, much like they have on stand-by for the other positions in the crew?


Stick with this going forward.

Casino Royale in 1961
Goldfinger in 2006


Property of a Lady, supposedly it was going to be used as the title for Dalton’s third.

If, in a surprise move, vesper actually survived the ending of Casino Royale and returns in Bond 25, would it be:
Great, the best Bond lady and Bond finally gets the chance to save her and relieve his guilt
Enough rewriting Fleming, it would be as bad or worse than Bond and Blofeld being brothers


Enough rewriting Fleming. It’s best if Vesper is dead from a Bond character perspective.

Assuming Madeleine Swann is going to be in Bond 25, which do you think will happen:-

  • Eon and the press promote it as a revenge movie, with Bond seeking revenge for her death


  • Eon and the press promote it simply as Daniel’s final 007 outing



Eon and the press promote it simply as Daniel’s final 007 outing

Agreed. If Vesper turned out to be alive it would seem like a bad soap opera and take away the character’s uniqueness.

Russian agent Bond girl switch:

Tatiana Romanova instead of Anya Amasova in TSWLM


Anya Amasova instead of Pola Ivanova in AVTAK?


Anya Amasova in AVATAK, would have had so much resonance.
Returning Blofeld’s…
Donald Pleasance in OHMSS
Telly Savalas in DAF


Easy - Telly Savalas in DAF

Sherlock Holmes who could play Bond?

Benedict Cumberbatch


Basil Rathbone


Telly Savalas in drag would have been something to behold.
I say Rathbone
Most gratuitous dinner jacket scene
Connery in DAF
Moore eating soup in AVTAK