Forum Game: This or That?


And more believable than Donald Pleasance on skis or flirting with Diana Rigg.


Very true


Back to the game, Connery in dAF. There was literally no point to it.

Worst character arc-flipping:
Stacey Sutton going from refusing to tell Bond her name to “James! Don’t leave me, James! James!”
Madeleine Swann kicking Bond out of her office and telling him she’ll kill him if he tries anything to I love you James to all of sudden I can’t be with you to we have all the time in the world


Definitely Madeleine Swann…I’m very hopeful that Bond 25 resolves some of the awkwardness of her relationship with Bond.

The first big news we’ll get on Bond 25 will be: Casting announcements OR title and plot synopsis?


Maybe a casting announcement, just before the title unveiling

Preferred scenario for Bond 26 -

A hugely successful film commercially but it’s very slapstick-based and more like a comedy


Not very successful commercially but it’s a dark, grainy, black & white thriller



The former, I’m tired of dark films.

For Bond 7:

Idris Elba
Tom Hiddleston


Hiddleston. Purely for the good of Elba’s health.

Most under-appreciated villain




(Both, coincidently, over shadowed by their respective henchman)


Kananga, he’s much more charismatic than Stromberg.

Better Sean Bean death:
Trevelyan’s fall and crushing under the antennae in Goldeneye
Ned Stark’s beheading in King’s Landing in Game of Thrones?


Trevelyan in GE…or i’d be in the GoT forums instead!

Portrayal of Bond:

Ruthless man on a mission


Chivalrous gentleman.


Chivalrous gentleman.

What should the Bond 25 title song be like…a classic throwback, 60’s, jazzy throwback or a modern day rock type?


Without. Question. You Know My Name is incredible, and I enjoy Another Way To Die as a song in of itself (yes, I’m a freak, I know)

If a company bothers to pick up the game licence…

Bond 25 tie in


An original story


(Indeed… I enjoy Another Way to Die for the most part…the verse and chorus parts are great but the middle section with the horrible caterwauling between Jack and Alicia is pretty cringeworthy.)

Regarding the Bond game license…

I’d say go with an original story…preferably with whoever the new 007 actor is. Sadly, Craig will have departed the role by then I feel.

Product placement in Bond 25…if it were to be a repeat company, other than Omega watches, do you think it’ll be…Heineken OR Smirnoff vodka?



Should the Bond 25 villain:
Be known as the villain immediately a la Goldfinger
A late reveal a la Silva


No more late reveals. Give us a villain who appears throughout the film.

B25… over or under 2 hours? I’m asking which is more likely, and not what you prefer.


Over, as this will be Craig’s Swan Song - and I do prefer them that way.

If B25 is called Shatterhand, do you want:

An adaptation of YOLT with Lea Seydoux in the Tracy role, to satisfy those few remaining literary fans who don’t care about the title being a total spoiler
Something else that will surprise us all (except for those who want the film to be totally predictable)


Something to surprise us

Preferred PTS:-







Preferred PTS 2:


Definitely The Spy Who Loved Me…not that Goldeneye’s wasn’t great but you just can’t top the iconic moment of Bond skiing off the mountain and opening the Union Jack parachute.

End titles images: The Living Daylights (shot of Vienna opera house and the two martinis with the rose), Licence To Kill (the aerial shots of Acapulco Bay at night) OR A View To A Kill (shots of the Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco Bay) ?


License to Kill. One of the best endings to one of the best films.

Preferred Climax:
License to Kill
You Only Live Twice


LTK - “Don’t you want to know why?”

Preferred theme song:-



Writing’s on the Wall