James Bond Funko Pops


I’d like Lazenby’s tux with puffy shirt as well.


My new wheels.


I’m really looking forward to mine arriving!


Hopefully classic Q has hands as big as his Pop head.


You know, I never noticed his giant hands until they started talking about it on James Bonding. Now I can’t unsee it!


Is the figure removable from the Aston Martin?


No. The grey suited Connery is stuck in. No idea why, I have Lola from Agents of Shield, Baby from Supernatural and Anthony from Antman, and the drivers are removable.


Here’s a real bargain if anyone wants to buy the full set


According to reddit, Barnes & Noble have a Baron Samedi Funko Pop scheduled for release in June, 2019.


If any character in a Bond film was ever made for the pop vinyl treatment…


Nice. I was hoping a wave two of figures was on the way.


The joy of an unofficial announcement, we’ve no idea who is joining him (Jinx and Craig Bond, for example)


Well since we got Roger and Sean last time I would assume we will get two more Bond actors. I would suspect that the pair will be Brosnan or Craig along side Lazenby or Dalton. I wouldn’t expect them to have a wave with both Dalton and Lazenby. I think they will try to have one popular Bond for each wave. I think it will be Craig since Bond 25 will just be around the corner when Wave 2 releases in Summer. However they could release another wave tied directly to Bond 25.

This was the first wave:


  • Connery White Tux (GF)
  • Moore Black (TSWLM)
  • Golden Girl (GF)
  • Jaws (TSWLM)
  • Blofeld (YOLT)
  • Oddjob (GF)


  • Moore White Tux (OP) Barnes and Noble
  • Connery Black Tux (DN) Toys’R’Us
  • Oddjob Throwing Hat (GF) Target


  • Connery with Aston Martin DB5

If I had to take a guess I could see Wave 2 being:


  • Craig Black Tux (CR)
  • Lazenby Black Tux (OHMSS)
  • Baron Samedi with Top Hat (LALD)
  • Silva (SF)
  • Tracy (OHMSS)
  • Mr. Hinx (SP)


  • Craig Blue Tux (SF)
  • Lazenby Kilt (OHMSS)
  • Baron Samedi Skeleton Paint (LALD)


  • Moore with Lotus Esprit (Sub Mode)


Are the ones I have, so i’d be ecstatic with the range you expect for phase 2.


I could see them maybe including Q in wave two. I’d swap out Mr. Hinx for dear old Desmond.


We can but hope.


I don’t know if Funko has a pattern of how they decide which characters to release but I’m assuming they’re trying to include:

James Bond
James Bond
Main Villain
Bond Girl/Allies/MI6 Staff

It would be better if they released 7 figures in each wave so they could include a Bond girl and a Bond allies/MI6 Staff member.


According to reddit user stormyhearted Wave 2 was supposed to be released in November, 2018.


ENTIRELY speculation, but I imagine holding back Craig in a black Tux for Bond 25’s release was a conscious choice.

I’m assuming here it’s a tux, but I would love to have a pop vinyl of Craig from the Miami stuff, as I do love the leather jacket he’s wearing for that.


Samsonite. I was way off.

If this is true they probably got pushed back because of Bond 25 getting pushed back.