James Bond Funko Pops


I want Jeffery Wright as Felix Leiter to be a POP Vinyl, simply for something he one said about why Felix was his favourite acting role - Simply, if he did nothing else, he’d die happy knowing he got to act opposite a good friend, Daniel Craig, in the same role as the man he defined as the epitome of cool as child, Jack Lord.

Edit: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p78HDEjZVL0

this sound bite touches on Wright’s feelings for Leiter. I know some (cough @secretagentfan) think Craig doesn’t love his role enough, but Wright CLEARLY does. He doesn’t say it here, but it in a different interview he talks about how the “Brother from Langley” scene is the highlight of his career, simply because of how many boxes of job aims it ticked.


No thread for the Big Chief Studio figures? https://www.bigchiefstudios.co.uk/development/james-bond/for-your-eyes-only.php


You can go ahead and start one!