James Bond Funko Pops


I want Jeffery Wright as Felix Leiter to be a POP Vinyl, simply for something he one said about why Felix was his favourite acting role - Simply, if he did nothing else, he’d die happy knowing he got to act opposite a good friend, Daniel Craig, in the same role as the man he defined as the epitome of cool as child, Jack Lord.

Edit: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p78HDEjZVL0

this sound bite touches on Wright’s feelings for Leiter. I know some (cough @secretagentfan) think Craig doesn’t love his role enough, but Wright CLEARLY does. He doesn’t say it here, but it in a different interview he talks about how the “Brother from Langley” scene is the highlight of his career, simply because of how many boxes of job aims it ticked.