"Maybe no one will notice..."


I fondly remember the ad in which Sir Roger said: My name is Bond. I wear Seiko Quartz.

And I just knew I had to have that Seiko watch. And I got one that Christmas - my first digital wristwatch!


Ah - so he wasn’t just happy to see Holly at the launch base.

It was a feature of the Matt Helm films that he would be given a gadget - such as a pistol that fires backwards, or fires ten seconds after the trigger is puilled - and that he would used it ad nauseum right up to - and including - the final confrontation with the main villain. Way to build suspense, guys. That’s why I’ll forgive the primacord in Bond’s watch - it was a deliberate misdirection to make us forget about the dart gun - and it worked (at least on me).

I remember being excited to get an LED watch for Christmas in '76. I also remember forgetting to take it off and finding out the hard way that it wasn’t waterproof.


It’s my favourite gadget because it reminds me of Spider-Man’s webshooters. :sunglasses:


I mean, it never really bothered me. It certainly is less noticeable than the watch saw in LALD.


If the wrist dart gun was being issued as ‘standard equipment’, then why did we never see it again?
(A: Because i was naff, and only suited one OTT movie? If they were ever to bring it back, DAD would have been the time, and even on that one they didn’t go that far.)


I’m sure all equipment given to 00 agents is considered standard equipment. In FRWL, M says the attache case is being issued to all personnel. It’s more about giving each film a different gadget.


Subsequent mention of attache case: “Black attaché case damaged when examined. So sorry.” (Goldfinger)
Subsequent mention of wrist dart gun:
I rest my case.


DAD aside, when has a gadget (not a vehicle) ever reappeared in another film?


The exploding pen got a mention in Skyfall…


The physical item did not reappear, and as we know it’s another timeline. More of an in-joke. Sorry, doesn’t count! :wink:


Activating the darts by a quick hand move proved to be disastrous in private life.

Hi, good to see you… oh.


Yes, it’s like Spider-Man’s webs: clinch your two middle fingers to your palm and “THWIPP!” When you need it. But make a fist to hit someone – which involves the same motion for those two middle fingers – and no web.

Not only does Bond’s wrist gun know which kind of dart to fire when, it also knows when a wrist movement is done on purpose and when it isnt.

I was going to say Bond also produced an unannounced poison pen to kill the snake, but I guess we’re to conclude he stole that from Holly in Venice.


He took that pen from Dr Goodhead. He found it when he was going through all of her gadgets.


Bond is a true magician.

But it seems, it´s only MooreBond who is so crafty, right?


Maybe no one will notice…that Scaramanga’s trademark Golden Gun (presumably built by Lazar) was totally unworkable.
I didn’t even think about this about 2010. When Scaramanga slides the breech out of the lighter section, it leaves a two-inch gap inside with nothing in it. No chamber, no barrel, no firing mechanism - just the bullet dangling in the air. And even if there’s some kind of locking mechanism we don’t know about, there’s still no firing pin, or any mechanical connection between the cuff link trigger and top of the lighter.

Doesn’t prevent it being my favorite gadget, however - and the jewel of my collection.

Now, on to more practical matters:

I don’t think anyone noticed that Moon/Graves satellite was not encrusted with diamonds. That’s an assumption they make when the see the highly-compacted silver canopy unfurl and think “oh yeah, just like the one in DAF”. The satellite was financed with conflict diamonds, not covered with them.


He worked smart, not hard… A lesson for us all


Maybe no one will notice the obvious shot of the mini model dome, complete with toy helicopter, of Atlantis sinking in TSWLM…


In fairness, though, that was the first time in the movie it looked anything less than real. Derek Meddings was a genius.


Good point…:slightly_smiling_face:



Pay close attention to the bobble-headed guy on Sylvia Trench’s left in “Doctor No”. He overacts shamelessly. Jutting his jaw every which way, his eyes popping out of his head. You’ll never see the scene the same way again. If anybody deserves his own spin-off series, it’s this guy.

Here’s a short clip:


Here’s a longer clip in all his full glory:


Is he near-sighted? Does he think he’s watching a tennis match?