"Maybe no one will notice..."


Yes, sorry, should’ve specified Spectre. But speaking of Skyfall, maybe nobody will notice that right up to the end she was making bad decisions–namely, not telling Bond she was seriously wounded. Again, not a mistake with the film, but still . . .


Oh yeah, my bad.

I can’t find it right now, but Mendes discusses this very moment in an interview he did with Empire. There was a reason, in context, that she was vague apparently.


Or refusing to warn the council of Silva’s escape resulting in how many deaths?


She had hours to tell Bond all about Sciarra on the way to Scotland. Instead, a 20-second message delivered after her death? When was she ever intending to tell him?
And if Mr. White had just told Bond what and where L’American was. he could have spared Madeleine any involvement (and Spectre would have ended like the rest of Craig’s entries - with Bond empty-handed).


I see it as she wasn’t intending to tell him, at least not yet. She obviously didn’t know she was about to die and felt at that point that she still needed to keep things close to the vest. Letting Bond in on it by making the video was a last resort/Plan B…


“Maybe no-one will notice that I’m just waving a branch next to the window of the Land Rover while Timothy Dalton headbutts that baddie in the Pre Title Sequence of Living Daylights…”



Maybe no one will notice that Bond fires the same torpedo twice in the PTS of the The World Is Not Enough.


Maybe nobody will notice that Fiona calls him “Mr. Bond James Bond” without Bond ever having said his catchphrase to her.


But SPECTRE knows his catchphrase…


Maybe no one will notice a fifth tire bouncing into view when the WW security car rolls over in DAF. The tire doesn’t match those on the car, but it does look like one from the moon buggy (give the cameraman credit for keeping the damaged buggy out of frame while completing the shot).


Maybe no one will notice that the in recording of Bond and Paris that Gupta shows to Carver, Paris’s inflection does not match her inflection in the actual scene when she tells Bond “tell me James, do you still sleep with a gun under your pillow?”


…or that the more incriminating line to replay would have been “I’ve made my bed - you don’t sleep in it any more.”


Maybe no one will notice Maryam d’Abo’s very poor attempt to make it look like she is portraying someone who actually plays the cello. Her mimics of the left hand fingering doesn’t even come close to looking like it matches the music that is heard onscreen. As a string player myself, this grinds my gears every time I watch The Living Daylights.


Kara herself grinds my gears. She is so utterly useless and has the personality of a wet mop. What’s worse is that you could make the argument that Bond falls in love with her and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.


I think she’s adorable - so fresh and ingenuous. If I were Bond (especially Dalton’s Bond) I would fall in love with her too.


Maybe no one will notice that we’ve drifted a little off-topic . . .

. . . and that during the beach scene with Domino in which he tells her that her brother is dead, Bond’s sunglasses change type in mid-conversation.


(I did notice lol)

Maybe no one will notice that Bond’s suit changes color from the end of Casino Royale to the start of Quantum of Solace, despite the film taking place only an hour later.

Maybe no one will notice that in Dr. No, during the tarantula scene, Bond was never actually in any danger. Tarantulas are not deadly to humans…unless Bond had SEVERE arachnophobia.


Are we told how long it’s been? I mean time has definitely passed, Craig’s hair is different and it is a completely different suit from Brand to cut to colour.


It’s not explicitly stated in the movie, but it’s been said multiple times by the producers that the beginning of Quantum of Solace is about an hour after the end of Casino Royale. Additionally, the game QoS starts from the moment Bond shoots White and shows his escape from the villa with White in the trunk. Though it is true that the game is based off an earlier draft than the film.