"Maybe no one will notice..."


Mr. White is wearing the same suit from CR and has a still bleeding gunshot wound when they tear his pant leg open, but M would have needed more than an hour to get from London to Sienna, so… a couple hours after CR is fair…


Maybe no one will notice that the tarantula “crawling” over Connery in bed in Dr.No is actually on the surface of a huge sheet of plexiglass…


That’s where this thread started.


Maybe no one will notice that Stamper’s feet keep changing positions while he is holding Bond over the water at the end of TND, even though his foot is supposed to be trapped and twisted.


Maybe no one will notice that Skyfall 's script is sh*t.


Maybe no one will notice that when an almost perfect stranger lets herself into the flat of a British intelligence agent, said agent is not only not alarmed, but doesn’t even care how she got in.


Maybe no one will notice Bond calling Kara beautiful in a non-existent language.


Maybe no one will notice that Bond never introduces himself to Kara.


Ok, I’ll try harder!

Maybe no one will notice the camera-man with the huge head of bouffant seventies hair reflected in the mirror during the scene where Bond enters Ms Anders’ flat in TMWTGG.


Maybe no one will notice that hovercraft cannot travel uphill, much less up steps, especially without a push-prop, as MR’s ‘Bondola’ manages to do.


They can go uphill if they are pushing down enough force as well as enough thrust…

Which of course would set off the mines in the DMZ Col. Moon!

Moonrakers hovercfaft of course had no where near enough extra thrust for uphill, and steps are just impossible - so your point still stands, just thought it was a good segway for the questionable physics in DAD


Maybe no one will notice that there is a jaguar in a cage behind Bond and Q in the airport hangar, when Q unveils the BMW 750iL.


Go to the 4:50 mark…


Oh I already know about the deleted scene. But it did take me a few viewings before I even noticed the jaguar there. I actually wished they left that scene in the film.

But fine, I’ll provide a different one from the SAME SCENE: Maybe no one will notice that the BMW 750iL is actually a rebranded BMW 740iL.


Wasn’t questioning that - just thought others reading would be interested


All good.


Maybe no one will notice that neither Roger nor Carole Bouquet ever got wet filming their ‘underwater’ scenes in FYEO.


Maybe no one will notice that Michelle Yeoh’s shirt is completely dry 2 seconds after leaving her shower with Brosnan.


That story of Caver’s is far too long and rambling, so I’m glad they cut it.

Bond/Brosnan looks really fed up at having to introduce himself in that way again.


Maybe no one will notice that the first time we see Jill Masterson looking through the binoculars she is lying on her back, but when Bond walks over to her a mere one second later she is on her stomach.