Mission: Impossible 6


Doing just a high altitude jump if you’ve skydived before isn’t terribly different. It’s the actual low opening part at 500 feet that’s the most dangerous. You’ve been falling at terminal velocity of about 130mph and are slowed to 30-35 when the chute deploys (which takes about two hundred feet at TV) and ‘blossoms’ . The whiplash is about 2 G’s. So, Cruise jumping at 24,000 feet, sure. Actually opening low, doubtful. Still, very cool. I always liked the depiction in TND.


This will be great! I’ve got a good feeling about it. :slightly_smiling_face:


What would be the point of Cruise doing it? We wouldn’t be able to tell it was him, surely?


Probably just for the thrill of getting to do it. I feel like that’s half of why Tom Cruise does these movies. As Bryce said, it’s likely that he’ll do the jump from that height but not the actual low opening, at least not during the same filming sequence.


If he’s doing it, I’m sure that he was rigged with a camera or had a cameraman going with him getting close shots. Notice he’s wearing a mask that clearly shows his face.


Exactly. Cruise always makes sure to have these types of scenes shot in a way that you can tell it’s him doing the stunt. I’m sure they did the same for this one as well, assuming he actually performed the jump himself.


If Cruise did this I’m sure it was the VERY last shot they needed for the film.

I recall Harrison Ford being interviewed on set prior to being dragged behind the truck in Raiders of the Lost Ark and if he thought it was too dangerous and he replied he wasn’t concerned because he still had a lot of talking bits to film.

I’m sure Cruise had all his talking bits filmed before he made the jump.


Thanks gents. :sunglasses: I’m almost certain that when the scene happens it’ll be one of those full one follow takes that follow him out and going full on in the dive for almost a minute plus. I have a great cinematographer friend that assures me that’s how it would be done and how he (as camera operator himself) would do it with a star who was committed to the shot and had the skill.


The latest Instagram post from McQuarrie clearly shows it:

With everything we’ve seen so far, I’m honestly pleasantly surprised that we still have mostly no idea what the plot of the movie is yet.


They’re disavowed and go rogue, in some way. With stunts and explosions.


Seems legit.


SPOILER - Tom Cruise does a high octane stunt himself that gives insurance companies heart palpitations.


I just think after 6 films they have to concede that these missions are, in fact, possible.


They use ‘impossible’ in the same sense that the doctor in dr who says things are ‘impossible’.

Le Effect Dramatique


I know - it was just a joke

Le Effect Beingfunni :wink:


I was agreeing with your comment and joking around myself, though now that I re-read my comment it doesn’t come across that way. All good :sunglasses:


New image from the film from Empire Magazine:




Can’t wait to see this. Tom Cruise is the poster boy for Learning Disabilities :hugs:

This Mission just got a lot more Impossible :stuck_out_tongue:


An International poster herewith.


Looks good. This will be one of the few movies I see at the cinemas this year.