Mission: Impossible 6


Has anyone else noticed that there appears (at least on the surface) to be a scene inspired by Licence to Kill in the trailer? Solomon Lane is strapped and restrained in a van and being transported. We see what appears to be that van crash into water and sink, causing it to fill with water. There’s also a scene with scuba divers entering what sure looks to be that van. Is this a rescue attempt lifted straight from LTK’s rescue of Franz Sanchez? I could be completely wrong, but I find it intriguing nonetheless. Inspired by? Stolen? A loving homage?


I saw the same thing, Y-P!


Well M:I-3 did do a bridge attack sequence that was similar to True Lies and there was the car chase sequence in M:I-2 that was stolen from GoldenEye. You also had The Bourne Ultimatum rooftop chase in Tangiers which was an update of the rooftop chase in The Living Daylights.

They’ve all have stolen, ripped off, reworked, and homaged sequences from past spy films.


Cruise rescues the limp action movie genre. Top this, BOND 25.


Unreal! Am so completely impressed by this interest in and dedication towards movie making.

This chap is in a world of his own in this respect.


Which bit are you thinking of there? I can’t place it.


I guess he was talking about the chase at the beginning of the film between Bond and Girl which, as can plainly be seen, is a Direct copy for Hunt and Girl.

I daresay there has never before been a car chase between male hero and female protagonist before…


Rubbish. Those two scenes are nothing alike.


The Mission: Impossible films are always a good ride. Can’t wait.

I still chuckle about Ethan Hunt going to an auction one evening in Rogue Nation, and a silver Aston Martin DB5 is in the parking lot.

Movies Filmed at Blenheim Palace


Ha! Never caught that! It had to be intentional. Well played.


Considering they where there particularly to get MI6 members, it’s very apt.


Wow, did not see that before.

McQuarrie and Cruise really are a splendid team who knows what to do.


Can’t stop watching the trailer for this. This is easily the most excited for a film I’ve been since CASINO ROYALE.


Looks like filiming for Mission: Impossible - Fallout has wrapped!

"3000 setups
13 helicopters
6 pregnancies
5 hiatuses
4 weeks of aerial photography
3 continents
2 winters
1 broken ankle

To the most amazing main unit on the planet, thank you for all of your hard work. That’s a wrap."


Given the most recent Instagram posts from Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise, it looks like Ethan will be making a HALO jump.


This movie is looking to be jammed with cool stuff. Can’t wait.


Another post from McQuarrie:

Looks like they’re just above 24,000 feet in the air, which is right in the middle of the usual HALO altitude


If he performed his own HALO jump…wow.


It would be very impressive. Even with a lot of the things he does, I can’t see the insurers allowing this to happen, but kudos to him if he actually did it.


This seems to become the Bond film I’ve been waiting for.